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In State Politics Be Careful What You Wish For

January 18, 2014

As we race toward the halfway mark of the new decade, politics in Pennsylvania remains uncertain. Long the quintessential competitive two-party state, Republicans have now lost a record setting six straight presidential elections back to 1988, while laboring under a registration deficit of 1 million voters.

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Overplaying President Obama’s supposed second term hex

January 12, 2014

President Obama’s slumping approval numbers seem to confirm the belief that second term presidents run into trouble in trying to hold it together during their second term. In Obama’s case, the NSA spy debacle, the anger over Benghazi, the AP leaks, and the worry over the Affordable Health Care Act website glitches.

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Revisiting America’s disgraceful treatment of Mandela

December 29, 2013

The U.S. government’s ambivalence about Nelson Mandela again stood in sharp focus in the hours immediately after the global icon’s death. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was blunt. He said that he did not regret his no vote as a GOP congressman in 1986 on a bill that called for the release Mandela…

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What Becomes A Feminist Most? Part one

December 22, 2013

For the “Beyonce’ is a feminist” camp, her new music is a feminist manifesto because it shows a woman who is using her ability to make her own choices to be a performer, a wife, a mother, and in the case of the song “Partition”, a woman who is willing to let her man get it a little messy in the back of the limo.

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What About Your Friends?

December 13, 2013

There’s a saying: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend. That saying has played a pretty large part in the foreign policy of the United States since, well, forever. It’s expected that if you’re going to be a friend of ours, you also have to be an enemy to our enemies.

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Black voters are now up for grabs

December 6, 2013

I had an extensive conversation last week with a prominent Republican political operative about next year’s congressional elections. This operative is one of the godfathers of Republican politics and has played at the highest level for more than 30 years.

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The N-word: It’s no less ugly today than then

December 1, 2013

Matt Barnes recently typed the racial epithet on his Twitter account. “The word I used is a word that’s used on the court, is used in the locker room, is used by most of my friends and family,” Barnes explained, adding that “It’s like saying ‘Bro.’ That’s just how we address people now.”

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