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Trump’s ‘don’t kill the gays’ policy

March 6, 2019

By Mark Segal Last week, a strange announcement came from the Trump administration. A global campaign, to be led by out U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, was about to begin, and would take on countries that criminalize homosexuality. In the first media accounts (NBC News broke the story), it was reported that the campaign…

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White privilege and Black power, Ilhan Omar checks Elliott Abrams

March 2, 2019

ABOVE PHOTOS: Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and  Elliott Abrams By Julianne Malveaux TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is a member of Congress. Let me repeat that — Ms. Omar is a member of Congress. So how dare Elliot Abrams, 45’s nominee as a Venezuelan envoy, presume to interrupt the congresswoman as she made a statement and interrogated…

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From a pole to a pearl

March 1, 2019

The first time I heard the name Cardi B, it came on the heels of some nonsense that was being reported about a reality show and her life as a hilarious stripper who said whatever she wanted. Since I had zero desire to watch said show, and even less of one to learn who this…

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To Be Equal: Blackface is a flaunting of White privilege

February 23, 2019

By Marc H. Morial TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM “Blackface isn’t just another costume. It’s a mask of privilege, the kind of unchallenged power that comes through denying the experience of others.”  – Justin Ellis As a Black student in overwhelmingly White schools in Louisiana, I faced my share of racial insults and slights. But one of the more…

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Menopause- the root of aging evil

February 15, 2019

Menopause is the devil, and aging gracefully, feels like an exercise in futility some days. Why didn’t our mommas warn us? I am going to NEED them (mommas) to stop speaking about women’s issues in code language. How was l supposed to deduce from the words “wait ‘till you get to my age and you…

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The lives of our precious young Black men seem to be precious only…

February 8, 2019

Editor’s note:  The SUN is running this article in the memory of Trayvon Martin, who would have been 24 last week. Never Forgotten. By Karen E. Quinones Miller  The lives of our precious young Black men seem to be precious only to us.  Celebrating his 24th birthday this week, and preparing to receive a masters…

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Alawfultruth: Power or something else?

February 2, 2019

When l was in my 20s, l became fascinated with watching how different leaders wielded the power they carried and began paying attention to the patterns that emerged. My spider senses tingled around the ones who KNEW they had power, perceived or otherwise, and instead of walking up to others in greeting at an event,…

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Trump’s flailing will get more desperate — and more dangerous

February 2, 2019

By Jesse Jackson Sr. TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM  Since the striking victories of Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018, President Donald Trump has been flailing more and more wildly. He set new records for the length of the government shutdown, watched his defense secretary resign after suddenly announcing the withdrawal of troops from Syria, forced his…

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Shame and shade in Birmingham: In praise of Angela Davis

January 25, 2019

ABOVE PHOTO: Angela Davis  (Photo:  shutterstock) By Julianne Malveaux TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM If anyone deserves a civil rights award, Angela Davis certainly does. The activist and scholar has been on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement all of her life.  She has been especially active in prison reform matters, but she has also been involved…

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Alawfultruth: Brave Girl. Fearless Woman.

January 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Alawfultruth, where assumptions will be challenged, judgements will be parked at the door, and lessons will spew forth, embedded in humor. The opinions expressed here are those of a brave woman who dared to live her life in a full array of colors to amazing results. Join her for the ride,…

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