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Gentrification: The new “Negro removal” program, displacing Black people and culture

December 29, 2018

ABOVE PHOTO: Stop Gentrification protest (Photo Courtesy by: Community Movement Builder/IBW) A call for an emergency summit April 4-6, 2019 By Dr. Ron Daniels TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM Gentrification has emerged as a major threat to Black communities that have been centers for Black business/economic development, cultural and civic life for generations. Gentrification has become the watch-word for the…

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To Be Young, Gifted, and Dead

December 21, 2018

ABOVE PHOTO: Shutterstock By Julianne Malveaux TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM McKenzie Adams wanted to be a scientist. The gregarious 9-year-old Alabama girl was just that, a girl, a little girl, a brown-skinned baby girl with braids or, in one picture, just a side ponytail. She wanted to be a scientist, and her family described her as “bubbly” but…

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Give us all of the Bush record

December 14, 2018

ABOVE PHOTO:  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and the late President George H.W. Bush. By Richard Prince TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM/JOURNAL-ISMS The death of almost any president is an occasion for glowing tributes, the challenge being to tell the truth without offending sensibilities. And including the sensibilities of readers and viewers of color, whose recollections might not match…

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The warriors fighting AIDS

December 14, 2018

By Mark Segal Last week for World AIDS Day, Penn Medicine honored me with its Red Ribbon Pioneer Award. Truth is, it really hadn’t dawned on me, ‘why me?’ When notified about it a month prior and asked if I’d accept, it wasn’t an issue why. After all, it’s Penn Medicine Center for AIDS Research…

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Setting the record straight

December 7, 2018

By Kenyatta Johnson There has been a lot of talk about the sale of City-owned property lately. Much of it has been careless and inaccurate. It’s time to set the record straight. Although it’s convenient and simple to lay the dysfunction of City-owned property sales at my feet, it’s not accurate. Council members do not collect…

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Can a women’s coalition survive petulant White women?

December 7, 2018

By Julianne Malveaux TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM I have had about enough of some White women! First, 53 percent of them vote for an odious genital-grabber. Then, they organize a woman’s march with momentum from the #MeToo movement, founded by Tarana Burke, but co-opted by White women like the wanna-be activist Alyssa Milano who was a mediocre actress…

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NAACP: Mississippi candidate’s ‘public hanging’ remark is sick, shameful

November 30, 2018

ABOVE PHOTO:  Republican Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Democratic U. S. Senatorial Candidate Mike Espy.   By Hazel Trice Edney TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM The NAACP recently issued a stinging rebuke to Republican Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, who recently invoked a reference to a “public hanging” amidst her campaign against African-American Democratic candidate Mike Espy. Associated press reported…

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Democrats need a plan that goes beyond responding to Trump’s outrage of the day

November 22, 2018

ABOVE PHOTO:  A woman transports an anti-Trump sign in a baby stroller, as hundreds of people protest immigration laws and Trump’s policies at a rally on June 30, 2018 in Atlanta.  (Photo: Shutterstock)   By Jesse Jackson TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM With majority control in the House of Representatives, Democrats have an enormous opportunity — and face a…

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Hate and horror – when does it stop?

November 16, 2018

By Julianne Malveaux TRICEEDNEYWIRE.COM As strange as it seems, I now view the Bush years with nostalgia.  Both Big Bush (POTUS 41) and his son Shrub (POTUS 43) incurred the ire of Democrats, with Shrub’s Supreme Court-complicit theft of the 2000 election prompting anger and protests. Both Bushes, perhaps because of their love of country,…

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An Open Letter to My City

November 10, 2018

By Gilberto Gonzalez Each morning, my fiancé or I drive my child through a hellscape on the way to school. Leaving the safety of our home, we witness a tragic transformation that takes us from a way of life that’s okay, to one that is truly terrible. The school is located in the middle of…

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