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Small business owner? How insurance can help protect your business

September 9, 2022

BPT If you run a business, you probably already know that no two businesses are alike. An online jewelry business or web design service based in your home won’t have the same needs (or hazards) as a food truck or florist shop. From home-based enterprises to businesses run out of a vehicle or a brick-and-mortar…

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Why is customer experience essential to the MZ Generation? And why is that important?

September 1, 2022

BPT At the essence of CX (customer experience) is an increased focus on how customers feel when they experience a particular brand, product, and service. Nowadays, comprehensively understanding CX has never been more fundamental for company growth. No longer confined to customer-product interactions, CX refers to the total flow of any interactions between the company…

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Top five ways to reduce your home energy costs this fall

August 26, 2022

BPT As temperatures begin dropping this fall, you may be worrying about rising energy costs. Fortunately, there are a number of simple, proactive steps you can take that will save on energy and expenses for your home — while also increasing comfort — today and well into the future. On top of that, you will…

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Three ways to protect against social engineering attacks

August 12, 2022

BPT The foundation of all human relationships is trust. But our tendency to trust is exploited every day by hackers who engage in social engineering to gain unauthorized access to computer networks with the intent to steal data and cause financial harm. Social engineering attacks occur when fraudsters combine publicly accessible information and manipulative tactics…

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How much does a funeral cost?

August 5, 2022

BPT When a death occurs, it’s normal to wonder – and even worry – about the expense of memorializing a loved one, even though we are grieving. The costs of goods and services are making headlines every day recently. But, like planning a wedding or building a house, funeral costs include many variables, and the…

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How parents can borrow wisely and bridge the college financing gap

July 28, 2022

BPT Your child has decided on a college, signed up for freshman orientation, and now comes the next hurdle: paying the tuition bill. According to a survey by College Ave Student Loans, 74% of parents surveyed found the cost of college to be surprisingly high. Between tuition, room and board and other expenses, many families…

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Learn the basics about your credit score: Five things to know

July 22, 2022

BPT Many people have financial goals — maybe it’s to get an education, buy a car, purchase a home, or start a business — that require access to credit. However, if you are new to credit, trying to build a credit history can be daunting. It helps to know the basics about the FICO® Score….

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How to plan for a road trip in an electric car

July 15, 2022

BPT Nearly 35 million American drivers will be on the road this summer and while EV infrastructure is still growing, the burgeoning part of the population of first-time EV owners may have to take additional steps to ensure a successful road trip. “It cannot be understated that to successfully travel in an EV, you must…

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Knocking down barriers for first-time homebuyers

July 8, 2022

BPT Owning a home has long been an aspiration for many people across America, and one of the most effective ways to build generational wealth. Yet, due to the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rising interest rates, and housing affordability concerns, including the lack of affordable housing supply, homeownership may seem out of reach…

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How to improve cash flow for small businesses

July 6, 2022

BPT The last few years have been rocky times for the 32.5 million U.S. small businesses, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). They have faced big challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages and rising inflation. These firms, which account for 43.5% of gross domestic product, are also facing a lending crunch….

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