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12 Mar 2012

Women are coping with hair loss: They are taking control with an array of hair replacement options

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La Pearl Beauty Emporium

Owner: Pearl Bailey-Anderson

3857 Lancaster Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Appts: Monday-Closed, Tuesday-Wednesday, 7:00 AM-6:00 PM;

Thursday and Friday, 7:00 AM-8:00PM; Saturday, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM, Saturday.

Specialties: Full service hair salon, hair replacement, relaxers, weaves natural locs and braids, sets, color. The salon features a full line of products including Nioxin, Ashtae, Affirm and Sister Locs


When brushing their hair each morning, some women notice falling clumps of hair exposing patches of skin on their scalp. After a period of time they realize they are balding. The thought leaves many women frightened because fundamentally they believe this is a condition only men experience. However, facts reveal that 40 percent of American women lose their hair. And while no one wants to lose their hair, when hair loss occurs in women it is often devastating for her self-image and emotional well-being.


If you are a female hair loss sufferer, you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of wearing headscarves or hats, according to Pearl Bailey-Anderson, the owner of La Pearl Beauty Emporium, located in the West Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. You can take steps to lessen your hair loss or replace the hair that is gone. Following are some suggestions she believes will help.


Know why you are losing your hair


Bailey-Anderson, a licensed cosmetologist and trichologist with over 30 years of experience, noted that female hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from hormonal imbalance to pregnancy or from certain medications and hairstyles, such as braiding to tightly.


In some cases, the hair can grown back once the reason for the hair loss is addressed. That’s why knowing why your hair is falling out is important said Bailey-Anderson, who specializes in hair replacement techniques and options.


Seek the proper professional Care


When women start losing their hair, they often do nothing. They are embarrassed about the condition and don’t want to talk about it to anyone, not even their doctor.


However, Bailey-Anderson advises it is essential so see your physician immediately when you notice any unusual type of hair loss. Your primary care physician will run tests to diagnose the problem so you can take steps to correct it.


Replace the lost hair


Once your hormones are balanced, your thyroid is working properly, or you have stopped taking the offending medications, or sport a less invasive hairstyle, your hair loss will likely stop, according to Bailey-Anderson. She also noted that unfortunately, the hair you’ve lost doesn’t always grow back. At this point, you may need to replace the hair that has fallen out.


Your traditional options include topical applications, wigs or extensions, or surgery. In her opinion, each has its own pros and cons. Recent trends indicate that man women are finding success with hair enhancement and other non-surgical techniques. Bailey-Anderson believes a woman should be emotionally ready for the process she chooses.


Take charge—be proactive


Female hair loss is a serious issue. Unlike men, who may confidently appear publically completely bald, women don’t view that as an option. “A woman’s self-confidence, femininity and poise are often intimately linked to her hair, “explained Bailey Anderson.


For many women, their hair defines who they are, which is why so many women spend so much time and money caring for their hair. After all when you like what you see in the mirror, you feel better. That is why being proactive and addressing female hair loss at is important

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