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7 Jun 2014

With summer approaching, it’s time to reconsider your skincare regimen

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June 7, 2014 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

After spending a never ending winter in oversized coats, snug hats, scarfs and heavy boots, you must be understandably excited and looking forward to wearing your favorite summer outfits and perhaps purchasing a few new ones. As the seasons changes from winter to spring and then to summer, it is also an ideal time to reconsider your skincare regimen.

The changes occurring from the cold winter that leaves your skin dry and flaky, to the heat and humidity of the summer, that results in oily skin, are reasons why your skincare routine should change seasonally, according to Jennifer Darby, owner of Salon J Moirai.  “Everyone needs a skincare routine, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity” explained Darby.

In Darby’s view, a daily skincare routine includes, gentle cleansing, effective exfoliation to improve skin texture and tone; a state-of-the art moisturizer, protection from a sunscreen that rates SPF 15 or greater; and appropriate treatments for skin discoloration blemishes that encompass, dry skin, oily skin, and rosacea. 

 The addition of a licensed skincare professional to the salon staff, according to Darby, ensures clients receive customized spa service and education regarding their skincare needs. Mimi Brown, who is pursuing her passion for skincare, enjoys her role as that certified aesthetician. “There is such a need for education and services that are perfect pick-me-ups for your skin” said Brown, a weekend radio personality at Philadelphia’s WDAS-FM Radio. 

By following a consistent routine, as outlined below, Brown believes, glowing summer skin is possible.  

Good to cleanse and exfoliate but don’t overdo it

During the summer women tend to over-wash and over exfoliate because feels oily due to the humidity and because they are perspiring more. However, according to Brown, when you over cleanse, you strip your skin of a protective layer of essential oils. And, the areas that need oil, like the t-zone, will actually overproduce oil to compensate, causing your skin to become unbalanced. Brown suggested cleansing twice daily, once in the morning and in the evening. If you engage in sporting activity or other late-evening activities, a third cleansing is required. Also, make certain you remove all traces of makeup. It’s also a good idea to exfoliate about once or twice a week 

Sunscreen, an essential summer skin tool

Most people do not use enough SPF, which is crucial in protecting skin from the sun. The SPF content is only indicative of how long the SPF will last, but not to the degree of protection. For example, SPF 45 sunscreen protects for about two hours, so you have to reapply constantly. Brown advised using a SPF 50 sunscreen all the time, all over your body. She also added, “Don’t sit in the sun and bake, take regular breaks from the sun where you are indoors and use hats, sunglasses and/or umbrellas.”   

Treat yourself to professional skin treatments 

Many women do not get enough professional skin treatments. Some, Brown said, are intimidated due to a lack of knowledge and inexperience with the process and its procedures. Using the services of skincare professionals have advantages. “We can customize you skincare routine and educate you on the impact of your lifestyle has on your skin,” Brown said. An added advantage is the customization of spa products designed for your skin. 

Don’t forget to hydrate

Your body does get dehydrated, much more quickly during hot spells, said Brown, who advises you to drink between eight to 10 glassed of water daily. If you become dehydrated, you might experience splotches and random dry spots, so your skin gets easily stressed. 


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