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13 Jan 2013

Winter hats, although stylish, don’t always prevent ravages of the “hat-effect”

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January 13, 2013 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher


The perils of hat wearers during severe winter weather are many. Hair may stand on ends from static build up, or become flattened because of tight-fitting stocking caps or a persistent crease across the forehead from a hatband too fitted. However, despite the coldest and windiest weather, there are ways to minimize, the ravages of what many call the “hat-effect”.


Consider not wearing a hat


Simply put, not wearing a hat is the easiest way to avoid the hat-effect. While this a guaranteed way to prevent from mussing your hair, you might get chilly. Fortunately there are other options.


Make your hairstyle work


Having the right hairstyle can minimize the hat-effect. Any style that is flatter on top will work well with most hats. If you have long hair, a ponytail or a bun will help you keep your hair under control. A loose bun worn at the top of the head will prevent flattening. For shorter hair, go with a style that is curly or spiky by design.


Make that hat work


Choosing the right hat can control hat-effect. There are hair friendly hat styles, including cowls scarves and slouch hats. All of these styles are loose fitting, but they will stay in place when the cold wind blows.


Bigger hats might be better


One of the biggest problems with wearing hats is flattened hair, and many hats leave a mark across the forehead as well. Unless you’re out in hazardous winter conditions wear your hat loosely, allowing space for at least two fingers at the brim. This will prevent your hat from crushing your hairstyle, and possibly leaving an imprint in your forehead.


Consider hats made with natural fibers


The beauty of natural fibers is that they don’t contribute to the static cling associated with man-made fibers such as acrylic and polyester. Wool and cotton are the best choices. But silk, linen or pure yarns are fabrics that also produce minimal static too.


Less may be warmer… Earmuffs


Earmuffs, especially worked into a hairstyle that include a headband, will keep your head warm while preserving your hairstyle.


Hat and scarf combo


The hat and scarf combo is a great look, prevents hat-effect and keeps your head and neck warm, while allowing you to survive the coldest and windiest conditions. The hat is a loose hood, which preserves your hair and the scarf keeps the hood securely in place while protecting you from drafts traveling down your back. This style is especially convenient when traveling in and out-of-doors. You may slide the hood back to prevent overheating and cover up when needed.


Manage and maintain your hairstyle


No matter what hairstyle you choose, managing your hair and your hat, will keep hat-effect to a minimum. Keeping your head healthy.


– Healthy scalp and hair

Regular hot-oil treatments, keeping dandruff under control and getting regular trims to control split ends are all essential. Remember to use a rich conditioner and cream rinse too.


– Guard against static

Static is one of the biggest contributors to hat-effect and a great product is a static controller for your hat. Experts offer the following tips: The product ‘Static Guard’ sprayed on your hat or on your hairbrush can control static on a day-to-day basis. And secondly, depending on your hat style, a dryer sheet strategically placed in a hatband can help prevent static too.


– Hair products go a long way

Reorganizing your hair and reapplying product on a regular basis is an import part of a winter hat-effect prevention strategy. Carry a comb or natural-fiber brush, and your favorite gel or hairspray for quick touch ups.


– Simply remove your hat

Taking your hat off every half hour and fluffing your hair every 30 minutes can help prevent, or at lease reduce the effects of hat. Removing your hat and rearranging your hair is especially important if you are working up a sweat.


Consider going retro


Finally perhaps the best way to prevent hat-effect is to make the hat part of your outfit. There was a time; a hat was an essential part of a wardrobe for both women and men. Be a trendsetter and chose a hat that looks good indoors and out.



During the winter months, choose the right hairstyle, in combination with the right hat, keep your hair in good condition and you can stay warm and glamourous.

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