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1 Mar 2015

What you need to know about mobile hair salons (Part 1)

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By Leah Fletcher

Do you have a busy lifestyle that makes it difficult to get to the salon? Do you work full-time and find that salons, are fully booked or closed most evenings? Perhaps, you are just too tired to get your hair done. A mobile hair salon might be the answer. Believe it or not, you no longer have to travel to a hair salon to get your hair done. No more worrying about rushing to make your appointment—you can have the stylist come to you in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile stylist Jane Johnson* believes starting a mobile business can be risky because you’re competing with well-established salons. Yet, in spite of having no physical shop to attract new clients and limited advertising and marketing budgets, many mobile stylist, like Johnson, have managed to build successful businesses.

The competition between hair salons and mobile stylists is actually not as stiff as most people think, Johnson said, and the reason is because they are offering two very different types of service. “Some people enjoy going to a salon because it’s about getting away from it all and being pampered for an hour or two,” Johnson said.  “There are others who simply prefer the convenience of a one-to-one serve in the comfort of their own home.”


Why a Mobile Hair Salon

A mobile hair salon is pretty much what it sounds like. Some have stylists or are independent contractors who travel to their customers’ location. As a customer, you don’t have to worry about any of the supplies, because mobile hair stylist brings you the needed supplies. Above all, quality, value and convenience is what mobile hair salon operators bring.

Contemplate Location

If the mobile hair salon stylist is coming to you instead of the other way around, it is important to know its location before calling to make an appointment. Because mobile salons travel, it is a good idea to find one that is close to you. Like other mobile businesses, mobile hair salons typically limit how far they travel. Louise Ellis* has been operating as a freelance mobile stylist in West and South Philadelphia for five years. She has fully embraced digital marketing by setting up a website and actively promoting her services through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Some mobile stylists have websites, marked on their cars.

Consider the Services Offered

Mobile hair salons bring a luxury hair salon experience to your doorstep—home, office  or hotel—and help you avoid spending endless hours in a salon where there might be a breakdown in service. Mobile salon services mirror what brick and mortar salons offer including hair coloring, cuts, hair straightening/relaxing, deep conditioning, dreadlocks, hair braiding, hair extensions, eyebrow waxing, and makeup applications for different events. 

Think About the Advantages

Mobile hair salons can be especially beneficial to women in urban centers that are busy with jobs, families and a range of obligations. It is sometimes difficult to schedule an appointment that works for both client and stylist. Mobile hair salons benefit their clients because they are a convenient means to schedule a hair appointment. Scheduling appointments is easy thanks to advances in digital payment technology. There also are systems that allow client to turn their smartphones and tablets into mobile point-of sale systems.

Mobile Hair Salon Services Are Trending

There was a time mobile salon services were thought to be the domain of elderly women, with little money and/or limited mobility. However, times have changed and with those changing times have come a younger, more professional demographic that places a premium on time and convenience. With the expansion of mobile beauty salons that offer an array of services, they are increasingly integrating a beauty routine into their hectic schedules. 


*The names have been changed.

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