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23 Mar 2013

What do you have in common with your beauty salon staff? You are partners in getting and giving good customer service

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SUN Spotlight On: Visions Hair Salon 

Owner: Bernard Grant  

127 Ark Road

(Located in the Stop and Shop Shopping Center)


Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054

Appts: Tuesday, 10 AM to 5:00 PM; Wednesday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Thursday and Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM; Sunday and Monday, Closed

Specialties: Operates on the credo: “In and Out In Two Hours—Guaranteed!” Offers high quality hair care services at reasonable prices: Precision cuts, hair color, Permanents, Relaxer and Weaves. Serves an ethnically diverse clientele. 

Phone: 856-642-7211; Fax: 856-642-7217

Facebook: Visions-Hair-Salon


By Leah Fletcher


There are lots of articles for beauty salon staff on the topic of how to provide good customer service. But what about being a customer? Knowing how to be a good customer is as important as knowing how to treat customers. Salon owners are quick to agree the subject does not get very much attention, but it should.


The level of customer service you receive at a beauty salon can make or break your experience. And according to Bernard Grant, owner of Visions Hair Salon, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, clients who experience superior customer service are likely to be repeat customers, and may recommend their services to family and friends. “On the other hand, recollections of poor customer service can be passed along just as quickly and adversely impact the amount of new business a salon receives,” explained Grant. 


The savvy salon owner also recognized that in an age where business reviews and ratings are frequently posted online and viewed by millions, superior customer service is essential to attracting and retaining clientele.  However, he points out that customers play a vital role in the transaction. Following are a few recommended tips.


Communication is key 


Understanding your needs and communicating them to your stylist is essential. The key to receiving excellent customer service starts with the stylist’s understanding what you may or may not want. “Before you begin service, talk with your stylist about your needs and any expectations you have,” said Grant, a 13-year veteran of the beauty industry.   He supports clients asking questions to get a full understanding of what they are looking for, so they and they are on the same page regarding outcomes and expectations.  “Address any concerns or questions you may have, and establish an agreement about what services will be performed and how they will be rendered.” Grant implored. 


Be honest with your stylist 


If you have a request for service that your stylist simply cannot meet, and the stylist lets you know that right away. Grant advised, “Don’t expect the stylist to make promises of outcomes that they cannot deliver in an effort to get your way.”   This is important, Grant said, because a good stylist does not want to mislead you with hype about what services she or he can deliver, especially is the services to not live up to the hype. 


Keep it friendly and pleasant


Friendliness is a key element of customer service.  Make your stylist feel welcome and respected at all times. Be quick to thank them for exceptional customer service. If your stylist, manicurist or pedicurist provides you with exceptional customer service be sure to let them know it. Also be sure to let their supervisors know by speaking with them directly. So often customers are quick to let a company know when something is wrong but are not so quick to let them know when something is right. Accentuate the positive, not just the negative. 


Grant encourages clients who are unable to get the service they want, to speak to staff supervisors. “Often supervisors are able to be more flexible than individual employees,” he said.  He also advises that you don’t threaten or get rude. This gets you nowhere. If things can’t get resolved to your satisfaction, there are other avenues to settle your dispute. Ultimately Grant believes customer service does not begin and end with the client. “While it is important that you feel treated well by the salon staff, you must treat them well also, he explained. 


The words “Thank you” go a long way


If the stylist and salon staff meet or exceed your expectations, be sure to reward them by referring others to them. Word of mouth referrals are the bread and butter of business owners. Those who let you know they value you as a customer deserve to be rewarded with your referrals. By rewarding the beauty salon business that provides exceptional customer service, you reinforce the importance of the power of good customer relations.


Being a good customer will make you an even more valued customer and likely ensure future interactions with your stylist and salon staff will result in services that meet your needs and expectations. 



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