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9 May 2015

What can your hairstyle at a special occasion communicate about you?

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It might indicate you are unique, stylish and oozing with personality—Part 1

By Leah Fletcher

Spring is a season that overflows with special events. Whether it’s a prom, wedding or formal affair, you want to make your special occasion memorable. You can get the look and the feel you have imagined, starts with selecting a hairstyle just for you.

When it comes to achieving a stunning hairstyle, it requires training and time. To help you achieve a look that is unique, stylish and, most importantly, fits your personality, premier hair stylist, Janna Williams, offers a number of tips of the trade. 

Visiting the salon

“Hairstyles are personal and very individual,” said Williams.  “Every woman wants different things and everyone’s hair is different. Ultimately, you have to like the look,” she said.  Here is how to get your ideal hairstyle for a special occasion.

Plan ahead and have a style in mind

When it comes to creating the perfect look, it is all about blending what you want with your unique hair type. Lots of women and teens are inspired by their favorite celebrities, so describe the style you saw. Williams believes it’s a good idea to bring photos or ideas from the Internet or magazines. Know if you want your hair relaxed or natural, up or down, braided, half up with extensions or half down with curls. “It’s important to remember that if your hair isn’t the same type or texture as that in the pictures, the style may not look identical” Williams said.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

For your big night, it’s fine to try out a style you have never worn before. But don’t get too drastic, you might regret it later. For styles you are unsure of, you can always schedule a test run before the event to see how it looks.

Get your hair done the day of the event

Big events usually require lots of planning, be sure to schedule your hair appointment the same day of the event to ensure a fresh flawless look. Your hairstyle won’t look the same if it’s done the day before—even if it’s just a simple hairstyle like a blowout.

Give your stylist feedback during the styling session

Engage in dialogue while your stylist is working on your hair, Williams said. “I ask my client if she is pleased with the style as I go,” she said. Because the end result depends on what you communicate, Williams believes you should not be shy because in the end it’s your hair. William also suggested that you ask yourself, “Is it turning out the way I envisioned?”

Select a style that will last

An updo has to stay “up,” especially if there is lots of dancing. Williams suggests putting in pins and spraying it. She also says you shake your head to ensure the updo isn’t too loose. If it is, add more pins. If a pin hurts when your stylist puts it in, Williams advised that you tell her right away. Later on, she said, it is hard to find that problem pin.

The Bottom Line: Own that special occasion

Just think. The special event you have planned for is rapidly approaching. This is your opportunity to shine and to be the star you imagined. So, make the most of it. Getting your hair—and your makeup—done by a professional can be a real confidence booster. And most importantly, don’t get too fixated on the need to look perfect, Janna advised, “Do what is important to you and do what makes you feel glamorous and beautiful.”


Next week, Part 2 of this series will feature hairstyles that may transform you for that special event.

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