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13 May 2012

Weighing the pros and cons of “chopping” your hair off, A Quick Road To Natural Hair

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Owner: Sheila Gaskins

1603 Federal Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Appts: Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM; Saturday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Specialties: Hair maintenance, chemical, natural services


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By Leah Fletcher


After much thought, you have reached a decision to stop chemically altering your hair. Now you must decide what to do about it. Will you slowly transition to natural hair? This process can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the length of your hair and how quickly it grows. Or will you choose the quicker route, “chopping” off your hair?


Before making your decision, Sheila Gaskins, owner of Indulge Hair Salon, advises you to take the time to search for easy and healthy ways to grow and manage your hair naturally. “When a woman is accustomed to perming her hair, she can feel lost when she decides to go more natural,” said Gaskins, who specializes in precision cuts, perms, relaxers and coloring.


PHOTO: Indulge owner Sheila Gaskins works on one of her customers.

(Photo courtesy: Indulge Hair Salon)


Many black women are abandoning the perm and straightening systems and growing their hair natural, explained Gaskins, who has operated her salon in south Philadelphia for more than 15 years. Taking the next step, noted Gaskins, should be taken only after considering the pros and cons of such a haircut with such drastic results.




Similar texture

When you cut your processed hair, you generally have one texture to deal with. This is a great option for transitioning women have a difficult time working with two different textures.


Easy maintenance

Short cuts are low maintenance and easy to care for. In many cases, your styling routine will be reduced to a few minutes. Apply the products of your choice and brush, comb or pick your hair. You may have to find new products for grooming such as water-based gels and mousses. But shampooing and conditioning should be quick and simple once you eliminate time associated with combing and detangling.


No weather issues

When your hair is relaxed or pressed, how many times do you run for cover? Do you have a collection of plastic rain caps, umbrellas and raincoat at the ready? Once you cut your hair you won’t run from the rain because water won’t ruin your style. You will not longer worry about weather forecasts.




Dislike short hair

Not everyone loves to wear short hair. Some women think they don’t have the perfect shaped face short hair. Others prefer how they look in long hair. Gaskin acknowledges it is a matter of preference and if you like longer hair, there is very little anyone will be able to do to change your mind. If you hate short hair, it may not be the best option if it causes you discomfort with your appearance.


Limited styling options

With short hair, some women believe, their styling options are limited. In a few months, once your hair has grown, your options will increase. You may select a close-cropped afro or you may choose to dawn a wig from time to time. Gaskin believes this transitional period is a good time to experiment with makeup and jewelry, to refresh a hairstyle you get tired of looking at day after day.


Unflattering comments from others

Some women yield to the opinions of others. It may be your hair but everyone has an opinion about it. It might be your parents, significant others, siblings even strangers on the street. The trick, according to Gaskins, to getting through it is to remain strong and confident in your decision. At the end of the day, it is your hair and no one else’s.


Weighing your options

Before your or your stylist reaching for the shears, Gaskin advises you to carefully weigh the pros and cons of such a decision. ” Some women are pleasantly surprised and love their new short cut. They may appreciate the convenience that shaves minutes off their daily grooming routine. Other may find the negative attention from those closest to them disheartening. Gaskin believes whichever road you choose when you decide to stop relaxing your hair; it should be done in a manner that works for you, your lifestyle and your hair’s health.

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