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19 Feb 2010

Transform your kitchen countertop for less than you’d expect

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There’s nothing quite like the look of a new countertop to give a kitchen style and personality. Perhaps that’s why countertop replacement ranked second only to cabinet replacement when homeowners considered a kitchen remodeling project.


Unfortunately, with countertop prices at $10 to $30 per square foot for laminate and up to $200 per square foot for high-end granite, countertop replacement can be a real budget buster. But what if you could transform your outdated laminate countertop without the time, mess or expense associated with replacing it? Now, it’s easy thanks to innovative, do-it-yourself coating systems like Modern Masters Countertop Transformations.


“Homeowners today are looking for countertop materials that are durable and functional, yet appeal to their sense of style. Since the kitchen occupies a highly visible space in most homes, some homeowners would rather delay replacement than settle for anything less,” says brand manager Ashley Lehrmann. “Fortunately, now there’s an affordable alternative that gives old laminate countertops a premium designer finish without the expense or mess associated with replacement.”


Countertop Transformations replicates the look of today’s most sought after countertop materials – like natural stone – and gives old laminate countertops a durable finish in less than a weekend – for less than $275. And, the system is so easy to use that anyone who can paint can get beautiful results in three simple steps.


Step 1: Prepare the countertop for coating:

Clean your countertop thoroughly with soap and water and wipe dry. Thoroughly sand the surface with the diamond embedded sanding tool included in the kit and wipe it down with a damp, lint-free cloth.


Step 2: Apply the adhesive base coat and decorative chips:

Apply the adhesive base coat to the backsplash and front edge with a 2-inch brush and to the countertop with a roller. Remember: A heavy, even coat will ensure maximum adhesion of the decorative chips. After the base coat has been applied, spray the countertop with the wetting agent. While the surface is still wet, apply the decorative chips with the chip dispenser that’s included in the kit. Allow it to dry overnight.


Step 3: Apply the protective top coat:

Remove excess decorative chips from the surface with a hand brush or vacuum and carefully sand to create a smooth, even surface. Remove painter’s tape and wipe down the surface with a damp, lint-free cloth. Mask off sink and adjacent areas again and you’re ready to top coat. Use a brush to apply the protective top coat to the backsplash and front edge and a 6-inch high density foam roller to apply a heavy, even coat to the countertop. It will dry to the touch in four to six hours and be ready for light use in 48 hours; fully cured in seven days. It’s that simple.


Countertop Transformations is available in a variety of on-trend finishes to coordinate with any decor – including today’s most sought-after neutrals. Available exclusively at Lowe’s, its antimicrobial finish will not mold or mildew and is non-yellowing and can stand up to years of wear and tear. For more information and other kitchen decorating ideas, visit

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