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17 Jul 2015

This summer create fun, quick and easy nail art designs that are chic, flirty and all-event appropriate

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July 17, 2015 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

When thinking about the lazy, hazy days of summer, it’s easy to overcome boredom. Why not consider a manicure? Let’s take another step and consider integrating nail art designs, that offer a way to express your style, personality and creativity.

      Creating nail art designs doesn’t have to be time consuming or require an expensive trip to the nail salon. Decorate your own nails like a real artist with extraordinary designs at home easily and quickly with just a few simple tools and your own nail polish. These designs work for short, long or acrylic nails. And why not create coordinating designs on your toes as well.

     If you are doubtful about how to proceed, consider following instructions from A-list tutorials found on the Internet and prepare for a hand-to-toe makeover. If you are looking for inspiration, feel free to skim through a selection of scene-stealing art designs and study the impressive array of manicure styles.  You can learn to apply polka dots, fine stripes and abstract designs on your nails. Using excellent quality products and the best brushes are mandatory.

     Purchase all the must have elements of a nail art starter kit. Stock up on a selection of chic nail polish shades, additional accessories like beads, glitter and stickers and don’t forget about shaping tools. Start experimenting with these simple manicure designs. Create your own manicure at home and save money with your monthly art session.

     These nail designs look fabulous especially if you combine them with creativity. Dots, hearts and tiny bows create a feminine and flirty impression whereas floral and watercolor patterns inject an artsy feel into your manicure. It is really fun to bring out the most of your short nails with different pastel, neon and neutral hues. However, if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd you can apply a few complex patterns on your acrylic nails.


   See how fascinating it is to invent new nail-painting techniques. Use different tools and nail varnish textures to add definition to your nails. Use any color combination which suits your preferences. Define the impression you want to create with your next manicure and notice the impact of different chromatic combos on your skin tone. Invest in professional nail art brush pens for more sophisticated nail designs. These are not designed only for manicurist, you also can use similar tools to guarantee the flawless outcome of your nail decorating projects.

Simple steps for creating your own colorful nail art without the help of a professional

There are a variety of new techniques available meant to allow new and fabulous nail art designs to be created. You can turn to a professional nail salon for a more complicated, professional art design or you can create your own by following a few simple steps.

Purchase nail stickers or stamps, beads, or glitter from a craft or beauty supply store. Always begin with clean and buffed nails for a smooth application. Paint two coats of nail polish for a base coat and allow to dry. Place design on nails and finish with a clear protective coat.

Create simple stripes for a geometric print. Purchase a thin paintbrush from a craft store or use a toothpick. Paint horizontal, diagonal or overlap lines in the colors of your choice. Use black and white stripes for a zebra look or black and yellow for a bumble bee pattern.

Use glitter nail polish for a festive look. Paint the glitter over a base coat, use alone or paint just the tips of the nails.

Make polka dots using the non-bristle end of a thin paint brush or a toothpick. Dip the end of the brush or toothpick into the nail polish and carefully dot the nails. Cover the entire nail, overlap different colors or create a pattern along the edge of the nail

Paint small flowers on nails by using the polka-dot technique. Make a circle of polka dots using one color. In a different color, place a dot in the center of the circle.

Replace the traditional French manicure colors with bold contrasting polish. Instead of using pink and white, experiment with pink and green, blue and yellow or red and white. Paint two layers for a base coat in one color. With the other color, carefully paint across the tips of the nails. Use two or three coats.

Draw simple faces, with eyes, nose and mouth using black nail polish and a toothpick. In the color of your choice, paint two coats on each nail for the base layer. Draw a different face on each hand or match the faces to your mood.

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