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21 Nov 2013

Textured Hair for Men

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Ethnic hairstylist and fashion gurus are expanding the natural hairstyle options for black men


Sun Hair Spotlight on: Orchid Blue Hair Salon Too

Owners: Kesha Muhammad and Andrea Johnson 


519 Sicklerville Road 

Sicklerville, New Jersey 08081 


Call for Appointments on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM  


Hair maintenance services for women, men and children. Services include Natural Hair Care treatments, Relaxing Services, Hair Weaving, Coloring and Precision Cutting.  Schedules Wedding Parties and Offers Gift Certificates.  


Telephone: 865-513-8347

Email: [email protected] 



For a time, finding useful hair styling and grooming tips for Black men proved to be difficult. 



But increasingly, ethnic-oriented hairstylists and male fashion gurus are expanding the options and exploring variations on hairstyles for black men that work with their natural texture. 


“Black men are beginning to realize the natural texture of their hair does not limit their hairstyle selection,” explained Kesha Gentry-Muhammad, the co-owner of Orchid Blue Too, a salon in Sicklerville, NJ.  There are an array of options ranging from the traditional to the modern, contemporary trends,” opined Gentry-Muhammad, who with her partner Andrea Johnson opened the South Jersey location of Blue Orchid the first week of November. The partner’s first salon, bearing the name Orchid Blue is located in Philadelphia’s University City section.   


Now men can easily personalize basic natural hairstyles with color, cuts, styling products or even accessories.  Whatever their choice, there is one that will complement their look, reflect their lifestyle and flatter their personalities.    



The Afro is the simplest and one of the most traditional hairstyles for black men and it is popular among men of other races with highly textured or wavy hair. The hair grows naturally from the head and may be trimmed and shaped a variety of ways. It can be styled with a hair pick that maximizes the curly texture. “Smooth round Afros give a retro “70s vibe, while larger, longer Afros give a wild, artistic look,” explained Gentry-Muhammad.  Smaller Afros, trimmed closer to the head, are deemed more professional and appropriate for an office setting by some men.



Black men and women alike can style hair by braiding it into cornrows. On men the braids tend to be shorter, perhaps to shoulder length. “Cornrows offer hundreds of variations in braiding patterns and styles,” explained Johnson.  “The hair can be worked into braids that lie in straight rows, or braids that crisscross or zigzag across the scalp” she added. Once braided, cornrows are easy to maintain.  



Some men opt for individual braids, which tends to be gentler on the hair. They lie flat on the head and they can be connected. Gentry-Muhammad explained that men don’t generally wear braids below shoulder-length. Some, she noted, wear them in a ponytail for manageability and a polished look.   



Dreadlocks are attention-grabbing and are easy style for black men because the texture of their hair works itself into locks faster than other hair types. The hairstyle may be highly tailored or left unadulterated. The former can be styled into dreads by separating the hair into sections and working each with a special wax. Gentry-Muhammad explained, on the other hand, natural dreadlocks may be formed when the hair is not brushed, washed, or styled for anywhere from eight months to two years. She explained the wearer must be mindful that his approach will have the appearance of hair that looks unkempt and untidy. 


Choosing a style

Hair styles for work may differ from those that are worn casually in social gatherings or settings. Johnson advised that one should choose a hair style accordingly. “Some hair choices may adversely impact the standards of convention while others will gain the appropriate attention a person seeks.”


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