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31 May 2014

Stylish children’s summer hairdos African American parents will love

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By Leah Fletcher 

Children look forward to spending their summers on the go enjoying a day at the beach, a summer camp, or a family reunion vacation.  Parents seek hairstyles that will accommodate their children’s active lifestyles, while beating the summer heat. 

With the assortment of hairstyles for girls and boys, there is no need to select the same style day after day. And. every summer hairstyle doesn’t have to be time consuming. When choosing a style for your young children, alternate between the simple and the complex. The latter might take a bit longer to style, but they generally last longer.

Grab the box of hair accessories. There are loads to choose from, and they are available at discount retailers and beauty supply stores. Instead of using heavy, sticky gels along the hairline, use petroleum-free pomades or simply a bit of water and a gentle bristled brush. In the end, you can create quick, cute, convenient summer hairstyles that will keep the younger ones cool as cucumbers. Following are just a few favorites.  

Braided Buns 

Create a braided bun that will keep children cool all summer. Begin with a cornrow base parted down the middle and fashion remaining lengths into cute buns. A child’s hair does not need to be very long to acquire this look, so there’s no need to consider extensions. 

Afro Puffs

For every young child, including infants and toddlers, Afro puffs are an easy style to achieve and can be created in minutes. Remember to use metal-free elastics to hold the puffs in place and don’t pull them too tightly.  You don’t want to cause problems like traction alopecia, the loss of hair around the hairline


Braided Ponytails—Singles and Doubles 

A styling staple, ponytails are a good protective and convenient style. Like the braided buns, begin with a cornrow base and twist loose lengths before gathering them into two pigtails with barrettes on the ends. Or you might prefer a simple single ponytail. Regardless of your choice, use small elastics without any metal parts. Instead of plastic barrettes to hold the ends secure, consider more tiny elastics designed for a younger girl’s hair. When removing any scrunches or elastics from a child’s hair, be patient to avoid pulling out or damaging hair.

Accessorized Twistout

A younger child can feel more grown up with a loose twistout. Begin with a set of two strand twists and leave them in overnight or for a couple of days. This is a quick and easy way to convert one style into two because when the twist style is freed, you end up with a twistout, which can be accessorized with a headband or a number of hair adornments, that include clips, barrettes and ribbons. 

Flat Twist Combo Style

If you feel adventurous, try combining styles. This hairdo begins with flat twists that are secured at the scalp and then twisted to the ends. The loose twists are then untwisted, creating a combo hairstyle that’s fun and still age appropriate.

Fancy Cornrows

Skilled braiders will find plenty to love about this hairdo. Give cornrows added interest by parting them on a diagonal and them pulling all lengths back into a braided bun or ponytail

Tiny Twists

Twists are cute in all sizes, so if you are short on time, consider medium to large-size twists for youngsters. This style accommodates even shorter lengths of hair. What’s better is that parts don’t need to be precise because the twists will fall over each other and cover the scalp. Add a barrette or a ribbon for a girly appearance. 


Whether you call them braids or plaits, the benefits are many. They offer so many possibilities. They can be thin or thick, short or long and styled on different hair textures. Plus they are very easy to do.  


Once younger boys are old enough to visit the barbershop, a fade is easy to maintain. The style comes with different design possibilities that can be cut into the hair. The selection of that option is entirely a parental choice.

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