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25 Apr 2015

Silver hair: The hair color trend young women are making their own

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By Leah Fletcher

Let’s face it. We live in a youth-obsessed society. Most women, regardless of age, would probably admit they are somewhat preoccupied with their youth. So, it’s surprising to see young women flocking to their local hair salon for the purpose of dying their hair gray much to look like older, silver-haired women. 

It’s surprising to see young women scheduling hair appointments and seeking to become “silver fox”. This hair coloring movement is also the next big beauty trend for the 2015  spring and summer seasons, according to hairstylist, Joanne Long.

“Young women are pushing the styling boundaries,” said Long, a 20-year industry professional. “Young women are looking at the glamorous style of older, silver-haired women and have started dying their hair as well.”


Long, who increasingly services younger clients seeking this color, pointed out that the trend has been embraced by celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Aubrey O’Day.  “Adding a little silver fox to your tresses now signifies youth and vitality,” explained Long. 

The allure of the silver colored hair trend, said Long, might be connected to the perception that it provides a style that is fresh, innovative and truly unique. It is definitely not a look for the shy, but rather reserved strictly for the women who likes to make a statement, turn heads, and get noticed.

While ombre colored strands have been trending for the past few seasons, most silver inspired hairstyles provide a fairly new coloring concept, which is quite innovative since this growing trend has never before been implemented.

Gray or silver hair variations are usually a look that can be aged into gracefully, Long said. But she believes younger generations have managed to take the shade on turning it into a major beauty trend.

Long admits this new trend is a bold that’s not for everyone.

For the less adventurous, long advised trying silver hair shades featuring a monotone, or amplify the look even further by mixing it with hues of blue or purple or even white highlights. She instructed others to consider also maxing out the two trends by using both ombre and silver strands to craft a unique hair coloring combo.

There are several different ways ladies are currently sporting and pulling off this hot new trend such as fresh cuts, wigs, weaves and extensions. For those who take the bold step into this season’s trend, you will definitely make a statement, turn heads, and get noticed.

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