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8 Oct 2012

Secrets to growing long African American hair: A little TLC and patience

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SUN Spotlight On: Sina Marie Salon

Owner: Sina Washington 


1513 Spring Garden Street

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Appts: Sunday, Pamper Parties provide scheduled guests array of customized beauty services; Monday and Tuesday, Only Makeup and Fashion Stylists available by appointment; All salon services, including Hair, Makeup; Wardrobe are available Wednesday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday, 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Specialties: Sina Marie’s specializes in creating client individuality by customizing a unique look incorporating hair design, hair color, makeup and fashion.

Telephone: 215-267-773-7760 — Website:

Facebook: Sina Marie Salon — Twitter: Sina Marie Salon


By Leah Fletcher


There is a prevailing thought among some African American women that they cannot grow their hair long. However, regardless of race or hair texture, it is possible for all women to have long, beautiful hair. And, there is no special product, no quick fix, and no home remedy that will help them get it.


Nevertheless, a little TLC and patience will go along way toward helping. “A major key to growing long African American hair is keeping it moisturized,” said Sina Washington, owner of Sina Marie Salon. “Simply put, if your hair is dry and brittle, it will break off,” she added. Experts agree that hair grows on an average of half inch per month. However, Washington believes most African American women don’t see the progress because either, they are going to the salon regularly and their stylists are trimming it off or it is so dry that it breaks off. The source of their problem is a lack of moisture.


After nearly two decades in the beauty industry, Washington, an award-winning stylist, often referred to as the Lady Gaga of the Philadelphia beauty industry because of her experimentation with hair color and hair styling, advises women to follow a few simple steps to achieve longer length hair.



Keep your hair moisturized

One of the most important keys of growing healthy hair is to make sure your hair is properly moisturized. Some with dry, curly hair, use “hair grease” to try to add that moisture. Washington cautioned that before you dab anything on your delicate scalp consider this: “Hair grease: suffocates the follicles. Applying a quality hair conditioner will prevent breakage and help you retain length. When choosing a conditioner, be sure to check the ingredients, Stay away from anything that contains mineral oil, petroleum, or other inexpensive ingredients. The Spring Garden/Center City stylist pointed out that these products could clog pores and inhibit growth. Drinking water daily will help add moisture to your hair.


Eat Healthy

To grow healthy hair, your body must have the proper building blocks. Washington, who stresses proper nutrition, believes eating healthy food is the best way to nourish your body as well as your hair. She noted cutting back on fatty and sugary food and replacing them with nutrient-rich foods and vitamins will provide what is needs to grow healthy, long hair that won’t be prone to breakage.


PHOTO:Sina Washington, Sina Marie Salon owner.


Wash your hair

Washing your hair is a very important step. There are varying opinions on how often you should wash your hair. Some argue that washing your hair every few days is better. While others argue that not washing your hair for weeks will promote growth. Washington is emphatic about washing hair weekly or at least every two weeks to avoid dirt and oil build up between the strands of you hair, which may result in tangled and matted hair.


Seal in your moisture

Do this by applying a thin layer of oil directly after moisturizing with a leave in conditioner. This thin layer of oil will keep the moisture from evaporating off of the strand, which will keep you hair moist longer. Some examples of hair oils you can use are olive oil or coconut oil.


Protect your ends

In order to retain ends and grow your hair long, you must avoid split ends at all cost. Wear your hair in a protective style (i.e. ponytails or buns) to prevent the ends of your hair from rubbing against your clothes and creating split ends Washington said. She also advised avoiding direct heat styling because too much heat can cause split ends and breakage.


Trim ends when needed

A lot of African American women and men believe that trimming their hair will detract from the length. This belief in Washington’s opinion is false. Some split ends occur naturally and sadly are unavoidable and should be trimmed up to an inch as needed. “The only way to get rid of them is to trim,” she explained. Adding that, “The key word is trim not cut.”


Create a hair routine: keeping a hair journal might help

A hair routine is essential. Some keep hair journals that help create a hair care routine. They help you track things like what you do to your hair daily; keep track of the products that work for you and those that don’t; decide which products you will use daily; and how often will you wash your hair.


In the end, Washington said,” It is important to listen to your hair because it will provide you with most of the information you need to lengthen your hair.”

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