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12 Apr 2014

Questions emerge surrounding the lace front wig: Should I keep it? Or Should I lose it?

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By Leah Fletcher 

Recent revelations by actress and singer, Countess Vaughn about her experience with lace front wigs and weaves, have many pondering the following questions about lace front wigs:  “Should I keep it?”  or “Should I lose it?”

Vaughn, most noted for her television roles on “Moesha” and “The Parkers,” appeared on the “Dr. Oz Show,” revealing her alarming experience with lace front wigs and weaves. Vaughn developed a severe scalp infection and a diminished hair line, resulting from the glue and adhesives required to apply the wig.  She eventually consulted a dermatologist to help address the issue, but not before experiencing the oozing caused by a scalp infection and hair loss for six months.

Lace Front wigs have been at the forefront of recent hair trends, made popular by entertainers and models including Beyoncé, Hallie Berry and Naomi Campbell. Unfortunately, many young women mimic these hair trends with little knowledge of possible outcomes, according to Olivia Hughes, owner of Shape’s N More, Ltd, Wyndmoor, PA.

Hughes advises women to resist hair trends that might be short lived and opt for those that result in healthy hair options. “So many women follow hair trends without the proper knowledge,” said Hughes. “The damage it causes to the hair and scalp can sometimes permanent” she added.

There also are a myriad of reasons women lose their hair, explained Hughes, who specializes in hair restoration, that include hair care products, too much tension, tightness and teasing,  genetics, extreme emotional stress, illness, some medications, and hormones.

For those who find the allure of lace front wigs too strong to resist, salon owner Leah Bowman encourages a study of the pros and cons of the wigs and chemicals required to maintain the look. “Because most people don’t do the necessary due diligence before selecting the lace front option, I believe it’s a trend best avoided opined Bowman, who operates a salon bearing her name—Leah Beauty Salon—in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane section.

While there are an array of websites, on-line tutorials and videos, instructional manuals that provide information. Both Bowman and Hughes believe a decision to pursue lace front and weaves should be driven by solid advice. “A professional can guide you through the rationale for lace wig applications, “ said Bowman. They might range from cosmetic (for health reasons) to creating a new fashion look.”

In the absence of solid advice and direction, Bowman and Hughes, believe it’s best to lose the lace front wig.


Things to consider when attaching a lace front wig 

The details might be in the type of glue or adhesive selected


There are various types of glues for wigs but all are used to attach the wig or the lace to the scalp.  Each type of glue has different properties, strength, comfort and length of attachment. The glue you select for your lace wig or wig will be determine by personal preference and how long you intend to wear the wig before removing it.

There are:

• Daily glue will hold the lace wig in place until removed at night. It is a liquid tape and is extremely secure and comfortable. It is for those lace wigs or wigs that are removed nightly. The daily glue is secure and dries clear for a natural hairline and you can sleep in.

This type of glue will lose its effectiveness by the following day and must be reapplied.

• Medium-hold glue is considered short term in duration, holding for four to seven days.

• Long-term permanent glue for wigs and lace will hold for up to eight weeks without being removed.

Is there a difference between lace front wig glue and adhesive? They are different terms for the same products, according to  The adhesive selected is important for length of attachment, comfort and the natural appearance of the hairline. Lace wig adhesives are designed to dry clear, offering transparency to the scalp, which will create a natural and undetectable hairline. All lace wig adhesives are waterproof and transparent. They allow you to sleep and enjoy all natural daily activities. And for the athletically inclined, swimming is allowed.

Alternatives to glue, tape or other adhesives 

You can wear a lace front wig without using glue, tape or other adhesives. Glue-less methods of wig attachment can be very convenient. There might be occasions when you must remove your wig and re-apply quickly. In these circumstances, you might want to attach the wig without using long-term bonding adhesive. Many prefer to remove their wigs every night. There are several options for a swift hairstyle solution if you do not want to commit to adhesive-based attachment methods.

One of the more popular ways is by using wig clips. These resemble small combs, but they have snaps or fasteners on them. They are typically sewn in along the lining of your lace front wig. You also may select a wig that uses a combination of clips and adhesives, even though clips alone can secure your wig. For some, wig clips are a convenient option. For others, they can be bulky. If properly installed, you will have a great new hairstyle or hair color that you can easily remove whenever you desire. However, wearing the wig in a high ponytail will be impossible without lifting edges.

Another alternative is to use adjustable straps at the nape of the wig. The straps allow you to fit the wig tightly and snugly on your head without being uncomfortable. If you don’t know your exact head size, a wig with adjustable straps or band can be perfect.

A lace front wig can also be attached by sewing with your own hair. It is one of the longer lasting methods and does not involve the use of tapes, glues and other adhesives. This method can be applied to full wigs as well as frontals. Because a sewn in wig can be very undetectable, and many favor this process.

If a lace front wig is your hairstyle of choice, being armed with necessary information ensures you a healthy and optimal selection.

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