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29 Apr 2016

Prom fever has guys going all out… It doesn’t just stop at the suit

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By Leah Fletcher

Budding prom kings want to achieve a polished, groomed look and are looking to celebrities such as  Sean “Diddy” Combs and Idris Elba for “promspiration.

While young ladies get glammed up with everything from extravagant new dresses and accessories to expensive beauty treatments and hairstyles, research shows that their dates are spending almost as much as the girls are to look great on prom night with smart tuxedos and suits, trips to the barber, and even skin care.

For that guy whose trying to match the lady on his arm on prom night from a style perspective, hear are some tips that might make it easier:

Stick to your signature look

“Just because you’re required to wear a suit, doesn’t mean you have to lose your personal sense of style,” said Dill Monte, a stylist and tailor of fine men’s clothing.

Monte believes there are plenty of ways the guys can let their signature look shine via a tux or suit, whether it’s with a printed shirt, a slim suit, or a quirky color choice. When it comes to the idea prom look, he said, young men should consider what they were underneath (meaning a vest, cummerbund or bow-tie) the same way that they consider jacket lengths, number of buttons and color.

“Some people love it when a classic black tuxedo gets turned on its head, when it’s replaced by a dark teal or midnight blue suit, or accented with a colorful shirt instead of a white one,” Monte said.

Coordinate with your date

Check with your date before you rent your tuxedo. There’s nothing worse than clashing with your date. It’s also nice to ask if she has any preferences between a tuxedo or a suit because you would be surprised at how much advice she may have to give. For the guy who doesn’t want to be match his date exactly, consider a complementary cummerbund or tie, which ads a contemporary touch to the whole prom look. In the end his date will be thrilled.

Don’t forget the flowers!

The most important coordinating details for prom are your corsage and boutonniere. A corsage is a small arrangement of flowers that is usually worn on a woman’s wrist or is pinned to her dress. Traditionally, young men buy the corsage while their dates purchase the boutonniere. The corsage needs to compliment the color of your date’s dress, so you’ll need to ask your date what color her dress will be.  You can also ask if she has a favorite flower.

Make sure to ask your date if her dress is sleeveless or strapless because that will determine what kind of corsage you’ll buy. Boutonnieres are fairly simple. A single rose with a little baby’s breath or other greenery is a classic style. Your local florist is always there to help with suggestions on flower types and color, as well as what sort of greenery to include in the corsage.

Don’t be afraid to be trendy and stylish

While it may not be the best idea to go with a head-to-toe trend such as the powder blue polyester suits that found themselves in many a ‘70s prom picture, a current element or accessory can look amazing with a timeless suit or tuxedo, Dell Monte said. “Why not experiment with funky or playful cufflinks?” he said. “Try a non-traditional bow tie (or skinny tie) from somewhere like The Tie Bar; Why not a vest under your jacket, a traditional choice that will always look good or a cummerbund that always adds a classy, classic touch? A nice pocket square, a detail that’s sometimes forgotten, might also be a nice touch, Monte said.


Small details matter

At first, you may not think that things like your hair, cologne, or accessories matter all that much, but they really can make or break your entire look!

First thing’s first:

• Get a haircut or a trim about a week before the prom, and consider trying out a new part or a bit of product to nail a sleek, dressed up look.

• If you don’t usually wear it, try a light splash of cologne on the big night. Don’t forget your watch, too!

• Shoes! If you’re a “sneaker head” by nature, why not rock a fresh, unforgettable pair with your tuxedo? If your footwear tastes are more classic, just be sure to have your dress shoes polished and looking their best.

     In the end, young men should look for a prom style that won’t lead to your kids laughing at you when they look at your prom pictures 20 years from now.

And that’s the goal, isn’t it?

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