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10 Jun 2016

Being proactive about your summer hair care regimen will prevent summertime hair blues

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By Leah Fletcher

With summer approaching, 27-year-old Savanna Marsh’s thoughts are turning to heat, humidity and more heat. Her thoughts also are turning to modifying her hair care regimen to ensure she survives the season with a healthy head of hair. The proactive program, in her estimation, will prevent her locks from suffering the summertime blues.

If you don’t normally rework your hair care routine when the seasons change, it might be a good idea to adopt this habit. For example, during the summer months, chances are you will be outside a lot more. The sun can be heartless on your hair, especially if it has a tendency toward dryness.

To help you protect and repair your tresses from the sun, stylist and salon owner Joanne Johnson offers her best summer hair care tips. She notes that your tresses will look just as good at the end of the season as they did when it started. 

style_06-12-16aSM01Consider sporting wide-brimmed hats or denim caps

The simplest way to keep the sun from drying out your hair is to wear a hat on days when you know you’ll be outdoors for extended periods of time. Johnson points out that there are many choices. Try wide-brimmed straw hats, brimmed canvas hats or even denim caps. Whatever strikes your fancy and keeps your hair protected works. Johnson, who has worked in Philadelphia’s beauty industry for more than 20 years, suggests putting a barrier between your hair and hat by wrapping a satin or silky scarf around your hair before donning a hat. This, in her opinion, will protect your tresses from straw, canvas or other coarse material, while preventing dry and frizzy locks.

Scarf and head wraps… great alternatives to hats

For retired Philadelphia school teacher Dianne Connors, hats are not among her favorite summer wear. She enjoys wrapping a long thin silk or satin scarf around her hair, knotting it at the nape of her neck with the ends hanging down her back. “The choice is a quick and easy way to add some flair to a simple summer outfit,” notes Johnson, who also recommends considering head wraps. “Look for modern, colorful Afrocentric wraps that are fashionable and offer full-head protection.’ 

Get wet with your hair

Popular singer Rihanna‘s wet hair looks great when it comes to summer haircare. According to Johnson, applying deep conditioner to wet hair and thoroughly combing it through before heading out to the surf or sun offers optimal protection. “The heat from the summer sun will open the hair cuticle and help the conditioner to penetrate better,” she declares.

“If you swim a lot in the summer, rinsing your hair after every dip in the pool or ocean is crucial” says Johnson, who explains that daily shampooing also can dry your hair. She advises that you stick to rinsing and conditioning washes, but also shampooing at least once a week, preferably with shampoos made for swimmers, and follow up with a deep condition. Even if you don’t regularly have swim in a chlorinated pool or the ocean, but you are out and about more, and perspiring as a result, Johnson stresses that washing salty sweat out of your tresses helps to keep them healthy and flourishing. The focus, according to Johnson, should be on cleansing your scalp when co-washing so that you avoid manipulating your hair too much.

Condition with deep-conditioning hair masks

Consider replenishing moisture to sun-damaged strands by using deep conditioning masks at least once a week — leave the product on as long as possible, sitting under a dryer or steam cap.  Oils also are essential to smooth and repair locks and can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Trim those loose split ends

Make certain to frequently trim your ends to prevent split ends from traveling up your hair shaft and damaging your hair. Johnson recommends scheduling a trim every four to six weeks to maintain both your cut and the health of your hair.

Sidestep heat styling tools

During the warm-weather months, Johnson believes it’s best to limit your use of blow dryers and flat irons. “When the air is moist, it can take longer to style your hair, which can result in further drying and damage,” she offers. If you must use styling tools, she advises applying a heat protectant beforehand. You also can opt for frizz-free hairstyles like the topknot or messy chignon that don’t require heat and can easily transition into soft waves.

Consider versatility of “protective styles”


If you want to keep your hair protected from the summer elements, consider “protective styles”.  In Johnson’s opinion, the low-manipulation styles are popular summer protective options and include: braids, buns/topknots, ponytails, cornrows, updos, or twists. “Try a double bun instead of a single one, or a braid and bun combo,” she said, adding that there is no lack of versatility, even with these hairstyles, when you use your imagination.

Regardless of your summer hair care regimen or the options you choose to protect your hair—hats, scarfs or protective hair styles—have fun with a maintenance routine and styling choices that will propel you into a fun-filled summer with no hair worries.

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