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15 Sep 2012

Only the best for your crowning glory; Indian Princess Hair

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SUN Spotlight On: Indian Princess hair



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By Kiarra Solomon


Hair weaves and extensions are becoming more and more popular. Women of all ethnicities are now investing in hair extensions for various reasons, many because some of today’s most popular hairstyles can be very damaging. No longer considered taboo, many women dish out hundreds to get the purest and most natural weaves. And the ways and places to purchase hair are becoming just a plentiful as the hair options.



But in a sea of hair pushers, Asya Richardson and her Indian Princess Hair is like none other, at least in Philadelphia. For about four years now, Indian Princess Hair has been the only 100% virgin unprocessed remi Indian hair sold in Philadelphia by an African American vendor. Like from Indian women’s heads.


The hair is genuine, pure and completely free of any chemicals, blends or dyes unlike the majority of the hair that is sold by other hair vendors or even at beauty supply stores which is usually chemically processed to achieve a particular curl pattern and then dyed to various colors.


Asya started Indian Princess Hair in 2009. Self-proclaimed hair aficionado, Asya says she always had a love for hair weaves and extensions. After graduating from Temple University, while working in the sales department at Clear Channel, Asya began to research the hair industry. Not long after, with just $1500 she started Indian Princess Hair. Today, her hair line is popular among women of all types, from celebrities to everyday women, even some cancer patients.


Asya says that her clients love Indian Princess Hair for several reasons.


  1. It’s durable. It can be washed, conditioned and more. Many clients dye it to match their natural hair color. “I wash my hair once a week, condition, blow dry and curl it frequently. This hair lasts most clients up to two years or more.”
  2. Because of its durability it’s cost effective. Most women purchase and reinstall their weaves every few weeks. At the cost per pack of hair from local beauty supply stores being upwards of $60, the minimal cost of weave for an installation is about $120. Do that every other month and in a year you’ve spent over $700. If you invest $500 on Indian Princess Hair, the hair can be rewashed and reinstalled for up to two years.
  3. The hair looks and feels natural. It does what your natural hair does and matches more closely the texture of African American women’s hair. “Our hair is not bone straight, and it’s hard to blend your natural hair with extensions that are.


Starting later this Fall, Indian Princess Hair will launch a new, lower priced hair line, called ‘Ready to Wear Exotic Hair’. The flagship hairline, ‘Red Carpet’, is the completely pure and unprocessed hair that has been the company’s exclusive product since 2009. Prices for this hair start at $175 for a 10 inch bundle and go up to $340 for a 34 inch bundle.


The ‘Ready to Wear’ line will priced lower and will also come in straight, wavy and curly hair patterns. The Ready to Wear line will be steam processed, which is a newer processing technique that helps to maintain the integrity of the product. All bundles of the new Ready to Wear line will be under $200.


For more information about Indian Princess Hair you can visit

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