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17 Nov 2016

Ombre hair color trend expected to dominate African-America beauty world in 2017

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November 17, 2016 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

Changing seasons prompt many African-American women to refresh their hair color. Their choices range from natural moody tones to exotic colored hair.  They can tint their hair, add highlights of color or try wigs and weaves without opting for permanent color.

While some people may think bold colored hair is just a trend, the beauty community has a different take. In fact, it has been quite a few years since vibrant shades of hair hit the scene and it continues to dominate the beauty world.

Ombre hair coloring, which continues to be among the most popular, has truly carved out a hair coloring niche. Philadelphia stylist Carol Johnston predicts the trend will remain in high demand in 2017.

“In my eyes, I look at ombre as a variation of naturally luminous hair,” Johnston said. “So whether it’s stylized from your natural hair color, where your hair goes from dark brown to auburn, to a shade of the rainbow, the idea is to achieve more subtle layers of lightened colored hair.

The hair world borrowed the term “ombre” from the French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually becomes lighter at the tips.

If you prefer to dip your hair tips into a trendy hair color rather than color your entire head, ombre is the way to go, according to Johnston.

What is ombre hair coloring? It is the art of hairstyle where the hair moves from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to color the lower portion of your hair.  Everyone from teenagers to mature women are inspired by this hair coloring technique.

style_11-20-16asm01There are different variations of this fashion trend, such as the reverse-ombre look, the two-toned ombre look — which is largely done with bangs — and just the tips of your hair, which can be colored a different color from the rest of your hair.

Sandy Cox has always wanted to do something different and creative with her hair. She is thinking now is the time to do it. ‘It seems like so many new hair color ideas are being created, and with no sign of this hot trend stopping anytime soon,” noted Cox, who is curious about what new colors and hairstyles will be next.

Cox believes if she ultimately becomes afraid to make the leap to coloring her hair, she can always try ombre-colored hair extensions. 

“Experimenting with extensions will alleviate any fear I have about my color choices and they also will allow me to test a variety of hair colors,” explained Cox.      

When the ombre hair color trend began to evolve a few years ago, Johnston, a colorist of 15 years, observed there were fewer ways to style hair. “We usually colored straight, long hair but now the technique is widely used by women with medium and even short hair”, she said.

Now ombre hues are more stylish, chic and tender color such as terra-cotta red, with blue undertones. “If the color is too vibrant for you, try cool autumn or if you want to move slowly toward blonde, get the multi-dimensional style seen worn by entertainer Ciara,” opined Johnston, who believes it is a color that works all years round.


According to Johnston, more and more celebrities are experimenting with their natural color, especially those with soft black hair like singer Rihanna, who wears an array of hair styles and colors.  This hue is less harsh than this year’s penchant for jet black, and it works with every skin tone.

However, before you book your ombre coloring appointment, make sure you have investigated the latest hues for winter and the coming 2017 hair year. 

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