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26 Dec 2015

New Year’s Eve holiday hairdos inspired by some favorite trendsetters

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ABOVE PHOTO: Kerry Washington  (Photo: Tinseltown / shutterstock)

By Leah Fletcher


It’s that time of year again where you’re looking for a new outfit, finding somewhere to go, and getting ready to hit a happening party for New Year’s Eve.

If you’re planning to be the belle of the ball on the eve of the New Year, there are an array of holiday hairstyles that may be perfect for you. Many of these hairstyles are inspired by some of the pictures you see of  trend-setting artists on the red carpet. Pick the right one and you too could look like a Superstar!

Janelle Monae—Modern Version of the Classic Beehive

Singing sensation Janelle Monae, arrived on the music scene with a style all her own. Her retro glam style has been an inspiration to many fashionistas who wear versions of the classic beehive and pompadour she has made her own. Although there are numerous variations of these styles, the basic concept to create them remains the same: sweep hair upwards from the face and wear either high over the forehead, or upswept along the sides and back. In any event, they can accent any classic, elegant holiday outfit.

Viola Davis—Sporting Something Natural

Viola Davis, who is captivating us with her starring role on the TV series “How to Get Away with Murder,” wears her hair at times naturally and at other times she dons a wig. The latter allows her to create quick looks that leave her natural hair undamaged. There are times you might enjoy the flexibility of a wig that mimics your own hairstyle, but going natural can also project an air of glamour.  Whichever option you select, you can style your wig or your own hair and be ready to dance the night away at any holiday party.

Rihanna—A Cascade of Curls 

Singer Rihanna has been a master of hairstyles that create trends fit for all types of hair colors, lengths, styles and textures. If you’re a fan of her confident hairstyles, you might be familiar with her curly ‘dos. As far as festive hair goes, curly hair is always a holiday favorite. So whether you have naturally curly hair or you curl your hair with perm rods, rollers or a curling iron, just sweep them to the top of your head, secure and let the ends fall forward.

Nicki Minaj  (Photo: Press Line Photos / shutterstock)

Nicki Minaj (Photo: Press Line Photos / shutterstock)

Nicki Minaj—Bangs Accentuated with Extra Length 

At one time it was the color and the cut that made Nicki Minaj’s hairstyles noticeable. Today, she is trending toward the straight and the sleek, making her look a bit upscale without being pretentious. Her look involves blunt cut bangs and ample length. The style is easy and perfect for having great-looking tresses that accent a fabulous holiday outfit and accessories.

Beyoncé—The High Ponytail

Beyoncé, always touted as a great entertainer, is known to have as many hairstyles as costume changes.

Those hairstyles also are known to inspire mega-trends. One of her most touted hairstyles is the high ponytail, a great accent for any favorite holiday ensemble. It also is easy to achieve. Just pull your straightened hair to the top of your head and then secure and allow your hair to cascade to one side.   For those with short hair, you can achieve the look with ponytail extensions. You can wrap a small section of loose hair around the base of the ponytail and accent it with some holiday accessories. 

Jennifer Hudson—Short Cuts are Fashionable

The short hairdo is all the current rage. Oscar award winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, currently starring on Broadway in “The Color Purple” wears the style with captivating self-confidence. Short hair is easy to style and the simplicity of its length makes it easy to maintain. One key to make sure your hair is never out of place is your holding product. Never leave home without it. 

Taraji P. Henson—The Classic Bob Never Disappoints

If you are a trendsetter, you’re always looking for something different and distinct. Taraji P. Henson’s style, prompted by the glam she sports on her hit TV show “Empire”, may be the look that inspires. She sports a variety of styles that incorporate a full topknot, cornrowed sides and big, loose waves. While they may combine to create a one-of-a-kind hairstyle, the classic bob also is a style she wears well. It doesn’t take much time to create and it’s a great classic style, which is just right for any party.

Kerry Washington—Waves that are smooth and simple

The sultry air that Kerry Washington emits is legendary on the TV show “Scandal”. Washington’s hair styles have reflected the sleek and smooth to medium-size waves. The latter, with a shoulder-length style and a center part, makes for a simple and classic style. You will need large rollers or a curling iron and a good holding product, to achieve this look with ease.

Remember, no matter what hairdo you choose for New Year’s Eve, rock it with style and grace…

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