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25 Feb 2016

For many the local beauty salon is an oasis where beauty and pampering happen regardless of cost

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February 25, 2016 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

Beauty salons are often considered places where magic happens for women and even some men.

In these spaces, the customer is pampered and made beautiful. Haircuts and styles, nail care, makeup tips and even spa options, such as massages and facials, make a salon the place where beauty happens for many.

Philadelphia financial executive Joanna Crawford admits that she does not mind spending time and money for beauty. She spends $75 to work out with a personal trainer twice a week. Monthly manicures and pedicures and twice-monthly massages are also routine. Although Crawford says she can’t begin to estimate the yearly costs of these services, it could easily exceed $3,000 based on the prices at local salons.

“Taking excellent care of myself is almost a full time job,” says Crawford. Like many women, she spends serious time and dollars at her local salon to maintain her carefully toned and coiffed appearance. And in the quest for perfection, some women spend more time and money than Crawford in the quest for perfection. 


To be certain, a beauty salon is a place where beauty services and, often, beauty products are sold for the purpose of enhancing appearance and wellbeing. And, according to Karen Marsh, a beauty salon also may be called many things, including beauty parlor, beauty shop and spa.

However, marsh, a dance instructor, believes no matter what they are called their mission is universal—“They are a professional collective that makes cosmetic treatments available for women and men by certified hairstylist, estheticians, and professional message therapist.’

Types of Services

The types of functions found at beauty salons may range from a focus on specific treatments to those that include a smattering of everything. “Many great salons have everything a customer needs to beautify skin, hair and nails,” offered Jill Robinson, who operates the Jill Robinson Salon, a salon in West Philadelphia. Some of the treatments found at beauty salons may include hair care options, massage therapies, facial treatments, cosmetic applications, waxing options, manicures and pedicures. She also noted that some beauty salons have started offering specialty services such as body scrubs and also permanent makeup procedures.



A customer may go to a beauty salon for a particular treatment. There is no doubt that each treatment offers features the customer seeks. However, Robinson, a 20-year veteran of the industry, points out that aside from routine hair services—hair styling, cuts and color—there are other services. For example, the feature of a message is that the skin benefits by being touched—sometimes with beauty products—to promote relaxation and wellbeing. Manicures and pedicures are for the hands and feet. These treatments may feature hand and foot massages as well as treatments to soften the skin. Facials might be the principal feature at some beauty salons because there are so many different types of facials for different types of skin and skin-related concerns.


Before heading to a beauty salon, Robinson urges you to consider the cost of services and treatments and to consider a pre-visit consultation. A consultation before hand, “Will allow you to meet the person who will perform the services and will provide you with any specifics you might need,” she says. Robinson believes this step should not be overlooked because certain services must be tailored to a client’s needs, especially, if she has sensitive or allergy-prone skin. 


The benefits of frequenting a beauty salon are numerous. Relaxation, a healthy glow and a friendly atmosphere are all secondary benefits that a beauty salon offers customers. The primary benefits include beauty treatments to meet your needs, therapies for stress and tension, and professional staffs that can meet any of your beauty needs. Robinson, taking an educated guess, believes the professional salon collective understands customer satisfaction is key and is essential to keeping customers coming back.

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