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7 Mar 2013

Many factors contribute to the cause of thinning hair

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SUN Spotlight On: Shape’s N More, Ltd.

Owner: Olivia Hughes

809 Willow Grove Avenue

Wyndmoor, PA 19038

Appts: Tuesday by Appointment only; Wednesday and Thursday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM;

Friday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM; Saturday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Specialties: Full Hair Care Millennium Salon Specializes in Hair Restoration and Services that include Hair Styling, Cuts and Coloring; Hair Weaves


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By Leah Fletcher



You are looking in the mirror and combing your hair. The person staring back at you appears to be losing her hair. Upon closer inspection you discover it’s you and your hair is really thinning. You respond by running for cover—a hat or a scarf will do. What your reaction reveals is the psychological and social effects of thinning hair. 


“This type of hair condition affects many people regardless of age, gender, and race, and the number continues to grow each year,” according to Olivia Hughes, owner of the Shape’s N More Ltd. hair salon, in Wyndwood, PA. 


What is the cause of thinning hair? Hughes, a specialist in hair restoration, explained the condition might involve many factors that include genetic, extreme emotional stress, illness, hormones and some medications. “For women, thinning hair can happen during and after pregnancy,” said Hughes.  “However, one of the most obvious reason is that hair thinning could be just an unavoidable consequence of aging,” she added.  


Too much teasing, excessive combing or brushing, and too much pulling and tightness might contribute to hair thinning.  Hughes also noted it might also be the result of over coloring or due to excessive use of chemical hair products. 


Hughes believes the good news is that thinning hair is repairable and can grow out again. However, some people are not so lucky and they must learn to cope and live with hair thinning for the rest of their lives. In a snapshot possible causes of thinning hair among women and men.


• Aging—Thinning hair is inevitable as people grow older. It is the most common and natural cause of hair thinning


• Hair Care Products—Excessive use of strong chemical-based hair care products might eventually cause hair thinning.  Curling irons or any other hair styling tools might cause thinning hair, as they can damage hair follicles. Hughes noted that cutting back on the use some of these hair care products and styling tools might help reduce or prevent hair thinning.


• Genetics or Heredity—If thinning hair runs in the family from generation to generation, chances are children might acquire the same hair condition.


Hormones—Hormones might impact hair growth just as genetics or heredity does. Hormones may cause hair follicles to contract resulting in rapid thinning or shorter hair growth and even permanent hair loss. 


• Medications—Some drugs or medicines might cause thinning hair. Cancer treatment drugs, chemotherapy, anti-depressants, birth control pills, stress, and childbirth might also contribute to the condition.  


• Medical Conditions—Some illnesses or diseases may cause thinning hair like diabetes or cancer, to name just a few. 


• Unhealthy Lifestyle and Poor Diet—Unhealthy diets, limited activities and poor eating habits might cause thinning hair. A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will surely promote and result in healthy and shiny hair. 


• Too Much Tension, Tightness and Teasing—Wearing hairstyles that pull your hair will most likely lead to thinning hair. Avoiding tight braids and ponytails. 


If any of the above conditions are causing your hair to thin, Hughes advised consulting a medical professional to obtain proper medical advice or treatment. Hughes noted that even if there are no cures or treatments for thinning hair, taking proper precautions to reduce or prevent damage and breakage or even hair loss is essential.


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