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9 Nov 2012

Lovely varieties of hairstyles can turn any African American child into a princess

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November 9, 2012 Category: Beauty Posted by:

SUN Spotlight On: Ja’Di Beauty Boutique

Owner: Keenya Taylor

6172 Limekiln Pike


Philadelphia, PA 19141

Appts: Monday, By appointment only; Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Sunday, Closed

Specialties: Haircuts and Styling for Women, Men and Children; Virgin Weaves and retails weave hair products that include Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Malaysian;

Specialized make-up application; Special Hair Treatments including permanent wave and thermal reconditioning

Telephone: 267-428-5257; Email: [email protected] ; Website: www.ja-di-beauty-boutique

Facebook: JaDi-Beauty-Boutique


By Leah Fletcher


The challenge for most when choosing a hairstyle for their child is selecting something that is easy to manage. Add to that something that does not require much effort. In a few words, simple is always better, according to Keenya Taylor, owner of Ja’Di Beauty Boutique in the West Oak Lane Section of Philadelphia.


Taylor advises you to consider the age of your child to ensure the hairstyle is age appropriate and will allow her to actively care for her own hair. “It is important to get your child involved in the process of caring for her hair, ” said Taylor. “Its great to encourage them to choose a style and teach them some hair care tips.”


Guiding your youngster will result in the selection of a hairstyle that will allow her to look and feel like a princess, while suiting her active lifestyle. Taylor believes the following tips will help.




For some, hair braiding is a preferred method of styling their African American child’s hair. Braided hairstyles may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and these styles can greatly enhance a child’s appearance. The styles are varied and may be created with braids from French braiding, to zig zag parts and cornrows. Braiders are cautioned to take care when braiding their child’s hair to prevent causing the following types of damage:


  • Do not pull the hair too tightly when braiding. This may cause tension baldness that might be permanent.
  • Do not braid from the edges to the back. The edges are extremely fragile and will break. Severely damaged edges may never grow back.


Natural Hairstyles


If you choose a natural style, you might enjoy a simpler hairstyling routine. There are many hairstyles requiring little maintenance. However you will still need to care for your child’s hair and to maintain its health. For children’s hair worn loose or in a natural style, such as locs, the key is to keep it conditioned and moisturized. The following tips might prove helpful:


  • Keep the hair tangle free by detangling with a rubber pick
  • Don’t comb through your child’s hair. This will create damage and may break the delicate hair strand. Us a paddle or soft bristle brush to give the hair body.
  • Cover the hair with a satin bonnet before bedtime. Keeping the hair covered will hold in moisture and prevent tangling.
  • Parting the hair into sections and making a few large braids also will prevent tangling.


Relaxed/Processed Hair


Many experts advise against using chemical relaxers in a child’s hair before the age of 12. According to Taylor young hair is extremely fragile and chemicals can burn and damage a child’s sensitive scalp. However, She advises that if you are going to treat your daughter’s hair with chemicals, keep the following tips in mind:


  • Make certain the relaxer is specially formulated for children’s hair. Using adult relaxers on a child’s tresses can be harmful and cause permanent damage.
  • Don’t over process the hair. Avoid using flatirons, straightening combs or hair dryers on newly treated hair.
  • Don’t pull or put tension on the edges of the hair. The hair is already weakened by the chemical and is more susceptible to breakage.




Adding accessories can dress up an ordinary hairstyle and make it extraordinary. Follow these tips when choosing the right ones for your child’s hair.


  • Avoid heavy beads that weigh down the hair. Limit the beading to no more than three or four per braid. Don’t use rubber bands that may cut through the hair strand and pull the hair from the scalp.
  • Beware of tight barrettes, clips and ribbons anything that add tension to the hair and has the potential to cause damage.


Taylor mentioned there are many factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle for your child. It is important, in her opinion, when maintaining your child’s hair, to exercise care when selecting chemicals, styling tools and accessories.

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