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15 Sep 2016

Lace front wigs offer great styling options but should be worn with care

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By Leah Fletcher

For Juanita Boyd, lace front wigs have not lost their appeal because they make her feel glamourous and make daily hair styling a breeze.  “I can sport any style or color. I can go long or I can go short,” asserts the 30-year-old social worker who also represents scores of women who are seeking a variety of hair styling alternatives. The allure of the lace front is that it provides a natural hairline and is ideal for women who love to wear wigs or struggle with hair loss concerns.     

While the lace front wig has its benefits, hair stylists, like Jonell Stuart, advise you not to become overly reliant on them. After all, wigs are an accessory and your hair is uniquely yours. By giving your tresses the time and attention they deserve, a wig will continue to be an enhancement, not a replacement for the real thing.

Lace front wigs are preferred by many rather than traditional wigs because they are designed to make your hairline look more natural. More specifically, they are designed with a thin mesh of lace at hairline that can be trimmed and secured to your hairline.  The wearer can achieve natural-looking hair safely. Unlike wigs with caps, even a part can look very realistic on a lace front. 

The rules that govern the proper application of a lace front wig are few, but very specific, according to Stuart, who has plied her craft in Philadelphia for the past 12 years. She maintains that following a few simple rules will provide a variety of styling options without damaging your tresses.      

The rules for wearing a lace front wig translate into the following tips:

Secure your natural hair

It is important to secure your own hair before attaching a lace front wig with adhesives or glue. You can braid longer lengths to your scalp to create a flat surface, or if your hair is short, you can wrap it. Again, make sure all of your own hair is secured before applying any adhesive.

Use the right adhesive

To secure lace fronts it is important to use glues made specifically for that purpose. Don’t consider lash glue or glue designed for craft projects. Stuart advises that, before wearing a wig for the first time, you conduct a patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to the glue. “If you switch glue brands, consider performing a patch test with each new glue you try,” said Stuart, who believes, if you plan to wear your wig for a few days, you might want to consider using double-sided tape.

Details are in the glue

There are various types of glues for wigs but all are used to secure the lace front wig to the scalp.  Each type of glue has different properties, strength, comfort and length of attachment. The glue you select for your lace wig will be determine by personal preference and the length of time you intend to wear it.   

• Daily glue will secure the lace wig in place until removed at night. It is a liquid tape and is extremely secure and comfortable. It is for those lace wigs or wigs that are removed nightly. The daily glue is secure and dries clear for a natural hairline and you can even sleep in. This type of glue will lose its effectiveness by the following day and must be reapplied.

• Medium-hold glue is considered short-term in duration, holding for four to seven days.

• Long-term permanent glue for wigs and lace will hold for up to eight weeks without being removed.

Is there a difference between lace front wig glue and adhesive? They are different terms for the same products, according to  The website notes that the adhesive selected is important for length of attachment, comfort and the natural appearance of the hairline. Lace wig adhesives are designed to dry clear, offering transparency to the scalp, which will create a natural and undetectable hairline. All lace wig adhesives are waterproof and transparent. They allow you to sleep and enjoy all daily activities. And swimming is allowed for the athletically inclined.

Alternatives to glue, tape or other adhesives

You can wear a lace front wig without using glue, tape or other adhesives. Glue-less methods of wig attachment can be very convenient, explained Stuart. “There might be occasions when you must remove your wig and re-apply quickly. In these circumstances, you might want to attach the wig without using long-term bonding adhesive.”

According to Stuart, many women prefer to remove their wigs every night. However, she outlined several solutions if you do not want to commit to adhesive-based attachment methods.

One of the more popular ways is by using wig clips. These resemble small combs, but they might have snaps or fasteners attached to them. They are typically sewn in along the lining of your lace front wig.

You also may select a wig that uses a combination of clips and adhesives, even though clips alone can secure your wig. For some, wig clips are a convenient option. For others, they can be bulky. If properly installed, you will have a great new hairstyle or hair color that you can easily remove whenever you desire. However, wearing the wig in a high ponytail will be impossible without lifting the wig’s edges.

style_09-18-16a-sm01Another alternative is to use the adjustable straps at the nape of the wig. If you don’t know your exact head size, a wig with adjustable straps or band can be perfect. The straps allow you to position the wig tightly and snugly on your head without discomfort.  A lace front wig also may be attached by sewing it into your own hair. Stuart noted that the method lasts longer and does not involve the use of tapes, glues and other adhesives. Because a sew-in wig can be undetectable, many favor this process. 

Remove your wig after six weeks

There is always discussion about the maximum length of time you should wear a lace front. Stuart opined that the type of adhesive used dictates the time. “Some adhesives are designed for short-term use only, or around one week. Don’t use a short-term adhesive if you want to wear your wig for several weeks at a time.”  Once the six week time period is up, it’s time to remove the wig and thoroughly cleanse, deep condition and moisturize your hair.

Remove your lace wig with care and time

Use a designated adhesive remover for lace front wigs. Apply enough to soften the glue, and slowly take the wig off. If you feel any resistance, apply more remover and wait several minutes before trying again.

Follow routine hair care regimen 

If you only wear your wig for a week or so at a time, you can skip shampooing and conditioning until you remove it. According to Stuart, long-term wear requires routine care so that your own hair doesn’t become dry and brittle.  “Cleanse your hair and scalp, thoroughly dry your locks, using a hair dryer if necessary,” she said, indicating that allowing your scalp to remain moist underneath your wig is inviting problems.

If a lace front wig is your hairstyle of choice, being armed with necessary information not only ensures you a healthy and optimal head of hair, but also will provide you with an array of styling options.

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