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7 Apr 2014

Lace front wigs have pros and cons

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April 7, 2014 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

Lace front wigs, without a doubt, have surged in popularity.  Despite the array of competing hairstyling options, including hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces, the decision for some women is an easy one, according to industry trends. It appears scores of women are electing the lace front wig.


What is a Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig covers your own hair, making the top and edges of the wig appears as natural as possible. The wig mimics the look of hair growing out of your scalp, which is a major plus and distinctive departure from traditional hairpieces or extensions.


Pros of Lace Front Wigs

The major plus of lace front wigs lies with its attachment along the hairline, ensuring that the drastic difference between your skin and the beginning of the wig is not apparent. The wig can be attached with thread, glue, tape or other adhesives. Lace front wigs allow your hairline and forehead to align, making it extremely difficult to tell that you are wearing a wig.


Cons of Lace Front Wigs

The major drawback of a lace front wig is that, in time, it may begin to slip. This is a gradual problem and can easily be remedied by your lace front stylist. An added disadvantage is that the lace front wig is a wig.  This means it may cause damage to your scalp and hair if not properly maintained.


Lace Front Wig Application

One of the pros of wearing a lace front wig is having a technician or stylist who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to do the application properly. The application may last up to a year, with routine maintenance, or may be worn daily. You may apply it yourself, although this is not recommended if you want results ensuring a longer, lasting application.



Lace Front Wig Maintenance 

Maintaining a lace front wig is similar to maintaining your own hair. Wash and condition it on a routine basis. You must remove the wig to wash it. For best results wash and condition it while it is on a mannequin head to maintain its shape. To ensure the maximum longevity and quality of your lace front wig, brush it nightly. Apply a mouse or moisturized every other night to preserve shine and body. Some women remove their wigs nightly while others extend the wear by days or even months. If you prefer to wear your wig overnight, professional stylist recommend wrapping the hair of the wig in a circular motion around the scalp until it is one large spiral. Wear a sleep cap (preferably satin) to keep the hair in place until you undo it and brush it in the morning.

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