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21 Apr 2014

In a sluggish economy, it’s possible to keep your hair fabulous while staying within your budget

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April 21, 2014 Category: Beauty Posted by:

Sun Hair Spotlight on: 46th Street Salon

Owner: Mardia Reed-Chandler (ABOVE PHOTO)


121 South 46th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Appts: Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Sunday, By Appointment only. 

Specialties: Hair Styling, Coloring, Cutting, Natural Hair Care—including Locks, Braids, Two-Strand Twists, Weaves, Relaxers, Press and Curl, Wigs—Styling and Cleaning, Makeup Services. The salon also offers a beauty hair and body care product line. 

Contact: Telephone: 215-387-1962 – –

By Leah Fletcher

 The responses to questions regarding an improving economy aren’t always uniform.  Replies might range from “Now is a good time to spend.” to “It’s too early to loosen your purse strings.” The level of cash in your pocketbook indicates you agree with the latter response.  However, just because your budget is still tight, doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. 

Despite a tight budget, there are ways you can maintain hair styling, coloring and product regimens that won’t break the bank, opined salon owner Mardia Reed-Chandler, owner of the 46th Street Salon in West Philadelphia. “While some are abandoning the luxury of a salon or spa experience to save money, a salon or spa experience doses not always have to be a high dollar expense,” Reed-Chandler said. 

While consumers are cutting back in hard economic times Reed-Chandler said they are “opting to cut back on more expensive luxuries and holding on to the more affordable ones.” To ensure the affordability of the experience, Reed-Chandler believes the total “salon experience” is key.

“The total salon atmosphere and experience is important especially when times get tough,” said Reed-Chandler. “’When do your clients need the experience most?’ she asked. Answering her own question, she said “When times are tough, or when they need a quick escape from the worries of their day.”  

The experience a salon and its staff proves invariably makes a difference. Reed-Chandler, to that end, endeavors to make her salon a sanctuary, a place where customers can come and forget their troubles, even if it’s just for a short while. As a business owner, her goal is to provide each client with the attention and experience they deserve to ensure they will look forward to their next visit with anticipation. 

Constantly assessing her strengths and those of her staff allows Reed-Chandler to focus on them and direct each to do what they do best. Additionally, a few well-placed incentives help make salon visits affordable. 

The 46th Street Salon is The Home of the $20 Shampoo and Curl”.  Such incentives, according to Reed-Chandler, help beauty salon owners and beauty professional attract new customers and induce their steady customers to return. The inducement has lured new customers who appreciate the reasonable service costs and have encouraged steady customers to increase their weekly visits to the salon.  

 There is no doubt that high quality services, a comfortable atmosphere, and salon service incentives can be a great way to expand our financial choices. However, the lure of such incentives is that they save you money and possibly worry. Hopefully, until you experience brighter economic times.  

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