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21 Feb 2015

How to create a relaxing spa experience at home

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By Leah Fletcher

Lynne Francis, 36, is a financial management consultant based in Philadelphia. She takes meetings over lunch, while simultaneously reading e-mails and project proposals. “At least three days a week, I work late responding to client issues,” she said. “It just comes with the territory.”

In today’s stress-filled world, a visit to a spa can provide much-needed rejuvenation for body and soul. While there is no substitute for being pampered by someone else’s hands, you may not have the time or you don’t need to spend a small fortune to experience the benefits of a day or two at the spa. In fact, you can create a near-professional experience in your own home. All you need is the desire and a bit of equipment.

“For me personally, the ability to keep pace with many of my high-powered clients, especially when under pressure, can suggest whether I am on top of my game and if I am attuned to the pulse of the culture,” said Francis, who wears her understated designer suit with a small splash of jewelry. 

Francis relieves her stress-filled days by following the dictates of studies that prove an hour—no more—at the spa will melt away stress. However, she is able to reap the soothing benefits by creating a home spa experience that leaves her feeling pampered and relaxed. She follows a few simple rules to create the ultimate spa day.

Recreating the spa experience


A designated home spa day is something you can enjoy. To recreate the spa experience, a home spa day should include exercise, healthy food, a pampering spa treatment, rest, and time to get inspired. Here are some ideas to help you craft a home spa day that will help you restore your body and spirit.


Develop a plan for your home spa day.  Really think about what you want from it by imagining that you were going to a real spa. Do you need time by yourself to rest, relax and renew? Think about waking up naturally and focusing on quieter forms of exercise and soothing spa treatments. If you want to get energized during your home spa day, create a more vigorous schedule. Maybe it’s time to take on that five-mile hike.

Organization counts   

Get organized for your home spa day. Gather together some of the things that say “spa”—your slippers, spa CDs, candles, clean sheets and towels, exercise clothing, your favorite exercise DVDs, a body scrub, your facial products, and things to give yourself a manicure and pedicure. This will help inspire you.

Healthy meals a must   

Creating healthy meals are a must.  Create your home spa menus around healthy food that will help you eat for energy—an egg-white omelet with vegetables for breakfast, stir-fired chicken breast and vegetables for lunch, lentil soup and salad for dinner. You also can cook ahead or make that part of the fun of your home spa day.

Exercise is an essential component of spa day   

Get some exercise during your home spa day. You can take a walk around your neighborhood, bike ride, go to the local gym, take a yoga class, and watch an exercise DVD. Make certain it works for you.  You can get up early, eat a piece of fruit and some nuts before you go for a walk, and then do something else later in the day. How much and what kind of exercise you want to do depends on your present fitness level.

Give yourself a spa treatment      

One of the easiest home spa treatments is a body scrub and hot bath. This would be a good thing to do in the afternoon. Take time to rest afterwards. You can also give yourself a home facial, a manicure and pedicure.

Quiet time is vital   

Give yourself some quiet time. You don’t have to get on a cushion and “try” to meditate. Just sit quietly for a few minutes and notice what is going on inside you and around you.

Get inspired: Inspiration quiets the soul    

During your home spa day, get inspired. Spas usually have lectures on health and wellness, so you might want to take some time to read something inspiring. Books I especially love include “ The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by Don Miguel Ruiz and  “ The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav.

Feel the love  

During this experience, it’s important to feel the love. Your home spa day is about extending love and compassion to yourself. At the end of the day, make sure you feel that love.

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