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10 Dec 2016

It’s holiday party time again! But, don’t wear this to the office party

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By Leah Fletcher

The office holiday party can be the perfect place to shine among your colleagues. But you must first look the part. Whether it’s a formal holiday corporate party held at a ritzy downtown location, or an informal luncheon at the office, wearing the wrong clothes could not only embarrass you, but also put your job in jeopardy. 

In this social situation, it is women more often than men who wade into troubled social waters because they have many more fashion options, according to fashion consultant Imani Horace, of Fashion Image Consultants. “In the quest for the perfect holiday frock to ultimately look gorgeous, not just good, women often choose revealing rather than understated outfits,” said Horace, who has dressed an array of celebrities and high-end clients. 

The outfits that Horace believes should be avoided might include a skirt that is too short, a backless dress or low-cut top. Such choices, in Horace’s opinion, will frequently make you the subject of unwanted attention and gossip, especially if a company utilizes such events to assess their employees. “It is times like these that people are viewed with a more watchful eye, you don’t want your choice of dress to be questioned and deemed  to be a poor choice,” asserted the fashion consultant of 20 years.

Horace noted that there are outfits and accessories that should never be worn to a holiday party. And, on the other hand, there are others that should. Following are a few of her suggestions.

What not to wear to the holiday office party…

Don’t confuse being too sexy with crude and unrefined

Low-cut, plunging necklines look great in certain social arenas, but not when you are sipping a cocktail with company CEO. It is best to select a stylish, but modest dress that doesn’t reveal too much cleavage or leg. You want to look attractive, not racy.

Super-high stilettos don’t always hold you up

Those five-inch stilettos may provide you with a great fashion silhouette. Consider how your legs and feet will feel after hours of standing. Choose heels that flatter your legs and your dress, but are comfortable enough to wear for a long time.  They also should not resemble footwear that shouts “showgirl ”.

Don’t Underdress

If you have never been to a formal office party, seek the advice of a trusted co-worker. Find out historically what the dress code has been. It also would be a great idea to find out if there is an unwritten one. Showing up in tight-fitting jeans and low-cut tops when everyone else is dressed formally will cause you embarrassment. Having a good time will be out of the question especially when you believe others notice your fashion faux pas.

Don’t Overdress

You holiday party dress might be determined by the time of the party and its location. If it’s a luncheon in the company cafeteria or conference room in the middle of the day, it might be a good idea to save your best party dress for another time. Instead of going business casual on the day of the party, dress up a bit.  Don’t dress up too much for an evening party, you might give the impression that you are out of touch with current social convention and trends.

Minimize the bling

Choose classy jewelry that accents your outfit. It is sure to raise eyebrows in a flattering way.  Something understated sends a different message. In a corporate environment, for instance, expensive jewelry might send the wrong message if you work at lower level job title. The cost of your jewelry will fuel questions among your colleagues: “How can she afford those diamond earrings on her paltry salary?”

Tips on what to wear to the holiday office party…

Wear something festive

Instead of something sexy and revealing, choose a dress that is seasonally appropriate. For winter holiday parties, red or black work well. As long as it is not excessive, dress up your look with sequins and sparkles. Dress up a red blazer by wearing a lace-trimmed camisole underneath or choose a scoop-neck sheath dress for a graceful and stylish look. 

Consider that little black dress

The little black dress is a standard. And, it works well. An elegant black dress is always flattering and sophisticated, simple and classic. Sleeveless is fine, but don’t go shorter than a few inches above the knee. Have fun with the accessories—from earrings to a necklaces and bracelets. Both gold and silver looks fabulous with black.

Dressy pants are perfect

A pantsuit, coupled with a silk or lace top will look perfect. Or, you can chose black pants with a scoop neck and silver metallic-trimmed. Add color to your outfit with chunky jewelry. During the party if you decide it is overkill, just slip it off and retire it to your purse.

Don’t forget to accessorize

If you can’t afford a new holiday party dress, treat yourself to a new item to accessorize an old outfit Choose accessories based on the look you want to achieve. For example, a scarf, a necklace, or a purse all have the potential to shout sophistication. Don’t overlook any of those items decorated with colorful beads and sequins for a more fun look. 

Sexy can be done tastefully 

While attending the holiday office party in a sexy outfit is never a good idea, it is possible to select one with a small sexy detail that isn’t overdone. For example, a form-fitting dress with a modest neckline is fine. It is the plunging neckline that stops at the waistline or the skirt that is shorter than two inches above the knee that raise eyebrows. Sequins and small glass beads on a conservatively-cut dress work as well.

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