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7 Apr 2017

How to get a new haircut you won’t regret—Part 1

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By Leah Fletcher

Doris Johnson left her beauty salon fuming. Her new haircut was too short and the auburn color she hoped for was a muddy brown. There are many others who have left their salon appointments disappointed for the same reasons. However, there are ways to ensure you get a new haircut you won’t dislike. 

Why you leave the salon disappointed

There is no doubt that you have heard a number of salon “Hair Horror Stories”. They are tales of woe that essentially bemoan the dreadful feelings some women have about their salon experiences. 

In Johnson’s account, she admits that her salon experience left her flabbergasted. “I expected to look and feel sexier, and I wanted brighter highlights and an edgier cut. The final result left me shocked and disappointed.”

Hairstylist Madeline Hunter notes that spending a lot of time and a lot money is disappointing when expected results are not achieved. “Maybe the stylist went too short or there was no obvious styling change given the time and money spent,” says Hunter.

Most of the time Hunter believes the problem is due to lack of communication. “Clients don’t always properly communicate with their stylists what they want before, during or after the haircut and sometimes they don’t pick the right stylist. “

Following are several steps to ensure that it will not happen to you again.

Step 1 — Choose the right cut or color

If you’re making a big change to your haircut or color, you should have an idea of what you’d like before you hit the salon. After all, you risk major disappointment if you sit down and tell your stylist, “Cut it all off.” or “Make me blonde.”

According to Hunter, the best haircut for you will work with your natural hair texture while flattering your face shape. “I always recommend perusing magazines or hairstyle websites that match your hair texture. You also should consider your personality and the upkeep involved in a new hairdo.” 

Step 2 — Select the right stylist

If you have a great stylist, consider yourself lucky. However, if you are searching for one, there are several ways you can find one, according to Hunter. “I find the very, very best way to find a good stylist is to ask someone with great hair who does her hair. If I see someone with a great haircut or color, I won’t hesitate to ask where she gets her hair done,” who admits that her friends do the same. “We’re all happy with our various stylists. Until we aren’t and we find someone new.”

Hunter says the best results are obtained when you have a stylist that is a specialist.  “I believe that if you have curly hair, straight hair or natural hair styles, you will get the best results from someone who works with those hair textures.”

Hunter also suggests scheduling an appointment online or directly calling a salon to ask if walk-in service is available. “Ask for a stylist who specializes in color and cuts. There is a greater possibility her or she will understand your request” she opined. 

To optimize your success with coloring your hair, Hunter suggests seeking a colorist who specializes in   the color you are seeking. “If you want to color your hair red, request a stylist who does lots of red color.”

Whatever your choice, an edgy short cut, straightened hair or a perm, look for experts that specialize in the specific service you are seeking.

Step 3 — Schedule a consultation

A stylist will often tell you that the most important part of hair service is the consultation. “The more detailed the consultation is, the happier you will likely be at the end of the salon service,” held Hunter, who believes that women who read style magazines or view YouTube instructional hair videos, have been directed to speak with a stylist before a color or cut. 

Hunter believes, “The consultation is the most important part of a haircut. I don’t care how many times I’ve cut your hair, I’m still going to talk to you, touch your hair and find out what you want.”

When booking your appointment, schedule a 10-15 minute consultation with both the person cutting your hair and the one coloring it. Sometimes it’s only one person providing both services.

When you arrive for your consultation, wear your current hairstyle. It will tell the stylist what your hair’s moisture level is, how healthy your hair is, if it is damaged from coloring, if your ends are frayed, its true texture and how much effort you expend styling your hair daily.

If you’re considering a drastic change, even if you’re meeting with your long-time stylist, a consultation is still important. According to Hunter, the goal is to make sure you and your stylist are on the same page.


Step 4—Bringing photos are always helpful

A picture goes a long way when conveying a styling concept to your stylist. “Instead of telling your stylist you want a bob or a pixie, bring in pictures of your desired hairstyle,” explained Hunter, who says quite often the image in your head does not match the image in your stylist’s head.

Pictures also are essential for conveying what you want and don’t want when considering color. “Relying on salon-speak alone when selecting color is unreliable because medium brown to your stylist may mean chocolate brown to you” says Hunter. 

Next week: Learn how to manage your hairstylist for best results—Part 2

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