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11 Dec 2011

Eyelash Extensions: More affordable products help women make the ultimate fashion statement

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December 11, 2011 Category: Beauty Posted by:

SUN Spotlight on: M & J Eyelashes 4 U

5926 Germantown Avenue (At corner of Haines Street)

Philadelphia, PA 19140


Owners: Michael and Joseph Sydney

Facebook: M & J Eyelashes 4 u & [email protected] & J Eyelashes 4 u

Appts: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM, Monday through Wednesday; 10:00 AM-8:00 PM, Thursday and Friday; 10:00 AM-4:00 PM on Saturday; services start at $20

Specialties: Permanent eyelash extensions, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping (including eyebrow threading), and make-up services.


By Leah Fletcher


It is often said the eyes are the window to the soul. Assuming this is true, having beautiful eyes is essential. While beautiful eyelashes will draw attention to the eyes, they also will enhance the overall beauty of the face. And, for women seeking enhanced eye beauty, long lashes no longer have to be a fantasy. To that end, many are seeking one of the hottest new beauty trends—permanent eyelash extensions.


Once thought to be the domain of movie stars and celebrities, women are getting “hooked” on these extensions. “They find the look and the feel so captivating and alluring,” explained Michael and Joseph Sydney, twin brothers, who are co-owners of M & J Eyelashes 4 U. “It’s the ultimate fashion statement and will boost a woman’s self esteem as she strives to look her best,” added Michael.


Eyelash extensions have now become an option for a fashionable everyday look. But for those desiring something extra daring and extra dramatic, lashes can be applied in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors for special occasions, according to Michael, a member of the duo that began operating the salon seven years ago in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.


The founding of M & J Eyelashes 4 U was inspired by a customer’s suggestion, while the brothers worked as barbers, often offering customized eyelashes and eyebrow treatments. Both are also licensed cosmetologist and make-up artists, having worked for major cosmetic companies. The venture has resulted in a client list that includes celebrities, doctors, judges, teaches, nurses, working women and homemakers. “One of our major goals was to make our services available to everyone,” said Michael.


False eyelashes have been around for a long while. “They were glued to each eyelid to add the appearance of length and thickness to existing lashes,” explained Joseph. “They were worn for an evening or one special event. Sometimes they would come loose at an inconvenient moment and droop or fall off.” But the new eyelash extensions are not your mother’s false eyelashes.


Permanent eyelash extensions and semi-permanent eyelash extensions are basically the same thing. Each is an extension to an individual eyelash that lasts as long as the eyelash does. An eyelash typically lives two to three months before it falls out. When the donor eyelash falls out, the extension falls out too. ‘Typically, eyelash extensions last from two weeks to two months. The wearer can swim, shower, and do just about anything they normally do” explained Michael.


According to Joseph, the products used are scientifically-tested eyelash extensions that are applied with the highest quality, medical grade adhesive bond. For the safest and most professional results, he believes they should be applied by a certified, trained artist, who will most likely be a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician or beautician. These extensions are incredibly lightweight. The styles range from distinct and deeply curled to subtle, glamorous and upscale, or trendy and natural. The typical process takes under an hour.


M & J Eyelashes 4 U’s services, on average, range between $50-250, with services beginning as low as $20 and topping off at $1,500. Overall, the price of permanent eyelash extension is quite reasonable. Synthetic options are the least expensive. Silk hair is more costly. The most expensive lashes available are made from the hair of mink that are bred on special mink farms. The hair is obtained by combing the mink. The loose hair is gathered and sterilized. Extensions are available in black, brown, silver, purple and other custom colors. They can be purchased in varying lengths and thicknesses.



“False eyelashes are the hot trend and in the past only the wealthy could afford them,” explained Joseph. “The synthetic and silk options that are now available have bought the cost of the extensions down to more affordable levels for the average consumer.”

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