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14 Jun 2014

Elegant and glamorous hairstyles for summer brides abound

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By Leah Fletcher

It’s wedding season, and there is nothing quite like a summer wedding. For a women, her wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable days of her life. It requires organization, time, focus and vision to pull off the dream wedding. Somewhere in the details a great amount of thought is given to the future bride’s appearance, especially her hairstyle. 

Because black women have hair of all types, lengthens, textures, colors and thickness, the choices of a hairstyle, on their wedding day, are numerous. 

It follows is some things to keep in mind when planning your wedding hairstyle.

Significance of Hairstyle—Reflection of Style 

A woman’s hairstyle choice on her wedding day is significant because it is a reflection of her personal style and the style of the wedding. For instance, wearing the hair up and off the neck might signify the formal elegance, traditional style and grace of the bride, her gown and the wedding. For a black woman who chooses a culturally specific theme, her hairstyle may reflect and echo the traditions of her ancestors. Because black women come from many parts of the world and have many hair textures, lengths and colors, the possibilities of using hairstyles to signify culture and traditions are endless.

Types of Hairstyle are Countless

Black women have many hair types, leaving them with an array of hairstyles to choose from for their wedding day. Hairstyle types may be dictated by the length of the hair, which may be worn down and around the face, or down and off the face behind the ears. It also may be worn with the front pulled off the face and styled with the back down, or styled with all of it off the face and neck. Keep in mind that hair accessories impact hairstyle choice.  

The Goal—Looking Your Best 

Your goal, for your special day, should be to look your very best.  More specially, look like your best self, not someone else. If your personal style is reserved and subtle, then choosing a hairstyle that is trendy and extreme may not be the best choice. When your fiancee and wedding guests see you walking down the aisle, they may be astonished by your look. If you select a hairstyle that is not becoming to you, in the future, you may look back at your wedding pictures and video with regret instead of fond memories. It’s okay to consider a hairstyle that you haven’t worn before your wedding day to make it special. For instance, if your hair is shoulder length but you would like to wear long cascading curls, then consider hair extensions. Just make sure the spirit of the hairstyle is compatible with yours.


Timeline for Choosing a Hairstyle 

Give yourself enough time to select a hairstyle. At least a month before your wedding, have your stylist do a that run with your hairstyle of choice. Waiting until the last minute will not provide enough time to   reconsideration your hairstyle. If you require chemical service, speak to your stylist about the timeline for those services. For example, if you want a relaxer and permanent hair color for your wedding hairstyle, you may need to have them done during separate visits.

Time of Day and Location Matter

When choosing a hairstyle, consider the time of day and location of your wedding. For instance, destination weddings in the Caribbean are popular. Getting married in a humid, wet environment tends to frizz your hair, so, consider a hairstyle that can be set in place. You should communicate with your hair stylist about which products will help battle the humidity so your hairstyle holds up and looks great all day. Communicate this to your attendant as well. Due to the energy-charged atmosphere of the occasion, don’t assume they will think of this ahead of time.

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