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4 Aug 2013

Easiest way to remove braids without causing major damage to your hair

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August 4, 2013 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher 


Braids are great way to wear your hair whether they are micros or cornrows. Taking care of your braids in order to keep your hair healthy also is important.  However, knowing when and how to remove them is as equally important.


Following a few simple steps will allow you to remove your braids like a pro. 


Use the right tools: Before getting started collect your tools. You will need a spray bottle with water or a spray on conditioner or moisturizer. Also, you will need a comb with a long, slim pointed handle or a metal pick. 


Moisturize: I is important to moisturize you hair before starting to remove your braids. Often hair has become dry and brittle while in the braids and if not properly moisturized, it may break.


Remove any adornments: If you have beads, ribbons or hair bands that are securing your braids, remove them. If you have extensions, cut the extensions just below where your real hair begins.


Begin removing braids: Using the long end of the comb, begin to remove the braids by pushing the pointed end into the braid about a quarter of an inch from the end. Pull the comb gently downwards and the braid will separate and become free. 


Continue up the braid with the same motion moisturizing as need to keep the hair moist. If your hair starts to tangle or your hair becomes difficult to comb, it is likely because the section of hair you are trying remove is too large. Move to the back and end of the braid and start with a smaller section.


Finish taking out the braid and gently detangle the braid with a wide-toothed comb or pick. Comb the ends of your hair first and slowly work your way to the scalp.


Now, go to the next braid and repeat the process until all of the braids have been removed. Once all braids have been removed, spray the hair again with your moisturizer of choice. Then comb through your entire head, starting at the ends and working upwards. 



Timeline for removing braids: Professional braiders and stylists advise that you remove your braids in a timely fashion. Most believe between four and eight weeks, depending on the type of braids, is an appropriate length of time to wear braids before removing them. Failure to do so, in a timely manner, they believe will result in a host of problems including hair breaking age and hair locking.  Braids in the latter condition may be removed, but with very time-consuming techniques.


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