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15 Mar 2012

Dying your hair at home?: A concerned stylist explains top 10 dying mistakes to avoid

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Philly’s Nail Salon

Owner: Lana Pham


2502 South Broad Street

Philadelphia PA 19145


Appts: Monday through Sunday, 9:00 AM- 7:00 PM

Specialties: Full service salon: Hair-cuts, color, perms, Brazilian treatments, weaves, braiding; Manicures, Pedicures; Waxing; Massage services

You might just want a new look or to get rid of that gray hair. Dying may be a good way to achieve it. Unfortunately, hair dying entails consequences that may damage and dry your hair when inappropriately used. Experimenting is good, but dyes can be tough on your hair when used frequently.


Although it may be best to dye at a professional salon with an experienced stylist, Mardia Chandler, a stylist with Philly’s Nail Salon, understands why the current economy is encouraging women to seek the cheaper at-home alternative. However, she advises such do-it-yourselfers to avoid the pitfalls of such an undertaking by observing the top 10 hair dying mistakes.


Chandler believes it is important to have an understanding of the different types of hair dye that are available so you can put them in context.


Types of hair dye


  • Permanent hair dye: Dying your hair permanently is not always advised, the benefit is that it does last for a considerable time. As the hair grows, dye is applied to the roots. It contains ammonia and peroxides, which might cause dryness and damage.
  • Semi-permanent: This type of dye has the longest life remaining after more than 20 washes, depending on brand.
  • Semi-permanent: These have the shortest lifespan for dye. After 6-12 washes, the color will start to fade. Chandler said this is recommended for first-time users and those who want to experiment with colors.


Dying your hair safely and professionally


Chandler, a second-generation cosmetologist with more than 20 years in the industry, offers the following tips to dye your hair safely and get the professional results you are seeking:


– Separate hair into four quadrants. Then clip each part.

– Wear plastic gloves while mixing dye solution. Follow the directions written on the box.

– Squeeze a small amount of coloring into one quadrant. Put a clip on the colored part.

– Repeat the process after you have completed coloring the four quadrants

– Consult the product manufacturer’s instructions on how long you should leave it in your hair.

– Put on left over color mix to the entire head after a few minutes.

– Rinse with tepid/cool water.


Follow these tips for to avoid the top 10 dying mistakes and get the best results


Counting down, Chandler believes the following tips should be followed to avoid mistakes.


10: Applying dye to dirty, tangled hair

Deep condition your hair 4-6 weeks before dying to maintain color. Be sure your hair is relatively clean before applying. Trim hair especially dry and split ends to even out hair color. Hair should be as dry as possible when dye is applied.


9: Using hair conditioner before you dye

You can condition your hair a few hours before applying hair dye, but rinse out the residue. Your hair needs to be free of free radicals such as dirt and oil as much as possible.


8: Choosing hair dye based on what the model on the box looks like

Consult a local salon or stylist on what colors would look best on you. The hair dye you choose should have the same tone as your skin color. A beauty trick that might help you decided on a color, according to Chandler, is trying on wigs that mirror your proposed new color.


7: Forgetting to check for allergic contents

After choosing a brand, apply a tiny amount of hair dye near your neck or behind your ear to see if irritation, redness, inflammation, allergy, hair loss or any bad reactions occur. Wash the affected area right away if this happens. Follow the instructions carefully. Do the patch test one to two days before hair dye application.


6: Doing your entire head without testing a small amount of your hair first

Perform a strand test by applying a bit of dye to a few strands of your hair to see of you have the right color. Chandler urges you to use test from different parts of your head because your hair’s texture may vary.


5: Staining your skin or clothes

Protect your skin by wrapping a towel around your neck and covering with a shampoo cape, as the dye can irritate your skin or affect your clothes. Gloves should be used and should be included in the hair dye kit. Applying petroleum jelly or cream around your ears and neck will keep off stains. If you do stain a combination of shampoo and color will your skin will remove the dye from your skin.


4: Picking a color that does not fit with your natural hair

Pick a color two shade lighter when dying your roots. This will make the transition from your colored hair back to your natural hair color graceful with roots that a completely different in color. This rule is different if you are dying your hair a totally different color than your natural hair color. The selected color of your dye should blend with the original color of your hair and eyebrows and to enhance your features.


3: Losing hair

After drying, always rinse with cool or tepid water to avoid hair from falling out.


2: Over-dying hair

If you don’t get the desired, Chandler says it might be time to seek out a professional, instead of trying to correct the situation. If you attempt to correct it yourself, do touch ups for at least two weeks, but wait longer if you can to maintain perfect color. .


1: Dying eyebrows and eyelashes

Never use hair dye on eyebrows and eyelashes. Ask for medical help immediately if dye gets in your eyes.

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