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18 Mar 2017

Change of season—from winter to spring— signals time for hairstyle makeover

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By Leah Fletcher

As the winter season changes from dry and cold to the spring season that brings warm and moist weather, your hair changes with the climate. Preparing for the change of season also might be a great time to change your hairstyle. 

Whether you’ve had the same hairstyle for years or just a short time, with springtime on the horizon, it might be a good time to change your hairstyle.

Doris Anthony believes the changing season might signal the need for a hairstyle change.  She attributes her consideration to the clues she has received from family and friends.

“I’ve had the same style for so long it has become popular again,” confesses Anthony. I pull my hair back every day because it is easier,” says the 34-year-old customer service representatives, who bemoans the fact that no one ever offer compliments on her hairstyle.

Stylist Desdemona Willis notes, at this time of year, some women seek a “pick-me-up” to boost self-esteem, recognize a major life change (i.e. new job, weight loss, new town or achievement of a major goal). 

“If you’ve experienced a difficult time in your life, a new look may be a great way to start to turn things around,” opined Willis. “When you get to a place of knowing who you are. It is time for a change.”

Willis suggests making an appointment with a stylist you can trust. After all, getting a new look requires putting your identity in the hands of another person and it’s important to trust that person to transform your look.  If you are not confident in your current stylist, Willis recommends searching for another.

“How to you find a great stylist? Start by asking around. Ask your friends, co-workers, or family members that have great hair who styles their hair,” says Willis, who notes that is okay to ask a stranger with amazing hair who her stylist is. “Is okay to ask for recommendations on Facebook or checkout websites like Yelp! for reviews in your area.”

When you go in for your makeover, whether you’re updating your color, cut, or both, it’s important to know what you like and to know what your limits are, according to Willis. “Look through photos of hairstyles, print them, clip them, and take them with you to your appointment. It’s true that a picture says a thousand words, but it’s important to give your hairstylist a little creative freedom to make suggestions, but it’s more important to get a new style that you love.”

As you begin your new hair journey, stylist Sasha, who describes her styling preference as eclectic, proposes taking a well-thought out approach. “There is a lot to review with your stylist to ensure that you are both on the same accord,” explains the award-winning stylist, known for transforming lackluster hairstyles into contemporary, upbeat and edgy styles with panache.

There are a few things Sasha likes the clients who visit her salon, Sasha’s Studio, to consider when they are pursuing the perfect hairstyle change. “Think about the style elements that will balance your hair, face and body type, as well as, the professional and social environments you will operate in.”

Sasha asks that you consider the following:

Bangs—When done right, bangs are stylish and can complement just about any face shape. If you love bangs or can leave them, make certain you communicate the things you like and dislike when conferring with your stylist.

Layers—Many miss the mark with a new hairstyle by avoiding layers. Layers may frame the face in a flattering way, create depth, enhance body, and define a desirable hair. When they are properly chosen layers can make thick hair easier to manage and give thin hair a fuller appearance.

Bob–The bob haircut is a staple and is here to stay. It may be as edgy or simple as your personal style. Bob haircuts are easy to style, look polished with just a little effort, and can complement just about any hair type and face shape. It’s also a great style to consider when you want to try something shorter, but don’t want to commit to “too short”.

Short hair—Short hair can be sexy, feminine, edgy, romantic, and beautiful. When you’re ready for something easy to style with a lot of personalities, a short haircut can be a great answer. If your hair has always been long, short hair may be an energizing new start. Make sure you discuss your short hair ideas with your stylist and ask her to help you decide what type of short haircut will best compliment your face shape, hair type, and individual style.

Color—That new hair color may change your looks with bright highlights, or a lowlight with depth. It’s important to talk to your stylist about colors you love and colors you dislike. Do you like red? How red? Does the thought of auburn hair turn you off? Define what is too dark. Make certain that you and your stylist are on the same page when choosing your color. Her definition of copper and yours could be very different.

Maintenance—Preserving your new look could mean the difference in getting something you love and something you hate. Engage your stylist about regular cut and color maintenance to keep your look fresh. Consider whether this new look is budget friendly? Do you have the products and tools necessary to style your new look?

When all is said and done, Sasha says you must own your new updated look. “When completely changing your look, it can be a shocking experience, especially if you’ve had the same hairstyle for a long time.”

It’s important to work with your new style and try not to revert to the habits that provoked you to get a makeover. Sasha says it’s important to take note of the things you like about your new style, the things that aren’t working for you, and keep communicating with your hair stylist. “It may take a few appointments to get every detail just right. But it will be worth it,” said Sasha.

“Enjoy a new, fresh look. Show it off, have fun, and let your new hairstyle inspire an overall new image and a new improved you,” held Sasha, who also believes experimenting with new makeup colors and perhaps a new outfit will allow you to find that a new hairstyle can be just the beginning of a brand new you.

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