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8 Dec 2012

Call it a weave cap or wig cap: but also call it a convenient hair option

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SUN Spotlight On: AnBrea’s Beauty Salon

Owner: Andrea Trice

4141 Ridge Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Appts: Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM; Saturday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Specialties: Hair Coloring, African American Hair, Curly Hair, Perms, Children’s Hair, Extensions and Weaves.

Salon Promotion: Weave Specials for Weave Caps and Sew-Ins offered on Tuesday and Wednesday only.

Contact: 215-991-9181

Website: (currently under construction)

Facebook: AnBrea’s Beauty Salon

Yelp: AnBrea’s Beauty Salon


By Leah Fletcher


You want to give your natural tresses a rest without compromising your style. Or maybe you want a to try a trendy new haircut or style but aren’t ready to cut or color your real hair. Or maybe you’re suffering from hair loss and need something easy to manage. Whatever the reason, a weave cap might be an easy and convenient option to meet your hair needs.


The beauty industry is saturated with choices borne by creativity, product innovation, and technology. The marriage of all three have created options for women like never before, according to Andrea Trice, owner of the AnBrea Hair Salon, in Philadelphia. “You may reach your ultimate hair color, cut or style destination by traveling many roads” opined Trice.


Working from her trendy salon in the city’s East Falls section, Trice works with a team of stylists who are cutting edge and her salon offers services that reflect consumer demands for what is hip, hot and trendy. Hair extensions according to Trice remain a favorite among her clientele, who are always seeking convenient alternatives. The weave cap had become a convenient favorite for some.


A weave cap, or stocking cap weave, is done much like a regular weave. However, instead of attaching the hair extensions directly to your hair, it is attached to a wig cap or stocking cap. According to Trice this is technically a form of wig, but it feels more like a removable full-headed weave. “A weave cap is custom fitted to your head and fits well, whereas store-bought wigs can be awkward looking or bulky,” explained Trice.


Industry experts note consumers realize many benefits. They say that weave caps, on a personal level is a consumer’s own personal wig that fits their head shape. They also eliminate the search for the perfect wig in a beauty supply store, which can take hours. Creating a weave cap also gives the consumer a new hairstyle without damaging her hair, and it can help her save money by avoiding the purchase of costly wigs.


Creating A Weave Cap


By following a few routine instructions many do-it-yourselfers are exploring the techniques as a means of exploring alternative hair styling options said Trice. Although she advises consumers to consider professional services, those who elect to create their own weave caps, she said, should follow routine standards and rules.


Preparing Your Hair


Prepare your hair for the weave by braiding it into cornrows. The best pattern for a cap weaves starts at the hairline and spirals to the crown and is often referred to as beehive because if its similarity. Some people also put their hair into tight twists under a stocking cap weave.



Needed Supplies


You will need supplies that include hair extensions, a stocking cap, weave glue and a wig head to create a weave cap. Needle and thread, scissors, a hair dryer and paper towels, a shower cap or plastic wrap are also helpful. Trice cautions that your weave will only be as good as your extensions, so choose high quality hair to work with. Inexpensive tracks will always look cheap. However, they can be used for practice.


Selecting A Cap


You may use a shower cap, plastic wrap, or paper towels on your head to cover your hair. This layer keeps the glue from seeping through the cap. Now, place the stocking cap on your head. Pull it down to your eyebrows in the front to ensure good coverage. It may slip backward while you are applying the hair. Be sure the cap is snug. If there is excess fabric you may tie a knot at the crown of your head for a better fit.


Remove the cap and the under layer and put them on your wig form. If you knotted the cap, cut the knot off and sew the resulting hole closed with your needle and thread. Pin the cap to the wig form to prevent it from moving while you work. This is the major benefit of working with wig form instead of your head.


Applying Tracks


Hold a long track of the weave at the back of the cap, about an inch above the bottom. This will be the first line of hair. Measure the required length and cut the track to size. Then apply weave glue to the back of the weft, or sewn edge, and attach it to your stocking cap. Yu may use a hair dryer to dry the glue more quickly. Apply additional tracks the same way. Leave about an inch of space between each row and allow the glue to dry fully before you move the weave.


Styling For Your Ultimate Look


A weave cap may be styled like any other weave. Cut, curl and style the hair on the wig base or on your own head. You may secure the weave to your existing hair, or use hair clamps to keep the weave in place. Don’t wear the weave without something to secure it. Try the weave on several times before you wear it out to make sure you like the styling.

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