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16 Aug 2014

By following a few simple steps, senegalese twist braiding is easy undertaking for do-it-yourselfers

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ABOVE PHOTO:  braids by Guvia

By Leah Fletcher

Senegalese braiding is a beautiful technique that results in a stunning hairstyle. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is natural or relaxed. The style of braiding looks great on both hair textures and it won’t cost a bundle. 

Senegalese twists are essentially two-stranded twists done with hair extensions to add length and volume. The extensions can be added to the head with one-inch braids before the twists begin, or they can be attached using the twisting technique from the very beginning. And to add a touch of excitement, you can add highlights and character to your twists by using different hair extension colors.  

Following are step-by-step instructions and hair care tips for this versatile braided hairstyle.

Assemble your tools 

•Tail comb

•Two small hair clips

•Flake free hair gel or light hair wax (optional)

•Synthetic extension hair (optional)


Begin the braiding process 

Step 1–Wash, detangle and blow dry your hair. Do not use oils on your hair before beginning the braiding process. 

Step 2–Part a small section of hair and comb it out. Use small clips to control the remaining hair by keeping it out of the way for braiding.

Step 3–Separate the hair into two equal sections. Begin twisting each section to the right until it starts to coil. Do this for about an inch in length.  If you are adding extension hair, take a piece long enough to twist all the way past the ends of your own hair. Braid your hair to the desired length.

Step 4–Take the two coiled sections of hair and take the piece of extension hair in your right hand over the piece in your left hand once. Coil the sections to the right again, then tale the piece in your right hand over and under the piece in your left hand again.

Step 5–Continue coiling and twisting the section of hair until you get all the way to the ends, which will remain in place.

Step 6–Continue to section off pieces of hair and coil and twist them until your entire head is braided.

Step 7–To finish styling your braids, carefully dip the ends into a bowl of boiling hot water to seal the ends.

Maintaining senegalese twists braids

• With the appropriate care, your senegalese twist braids can last between 10 and 12 weeks. This style of braiding is easy to maintain and easy to remove because it is not braided in the traditional way. When caring for them consider these tips: 

•Wash your braids once a week with diluted shampoo.

•Don’t use creamy conditioners on your braids because they may cause buildup and cause knotting at the base of your braids.

•Use light oil on your scalp. Between two and three time weekly will keep your scalp moisturized and healthy. 

•To keep your hair moisturized, use formulated braid oil or use liquid leave-in conditioner daily.  

•Sleep with a silk scarf tied around your braids.  

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