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21 Nov 2015

Braided extensions and cornrows are easy to-wear hairstyles requiring very little maintenance: But how do you stop that unbearable itching?

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By Leah Fletcher

You gaze into a mirror that reflects how beautiful you look and feel after. A great consolation after spending hours sitting in a beauty chair while a stylist braided your hair. You know that maintaining your braids will take commitment. While proper daily will retain their appearance and help extend their life.

Your crowning glory, as regal as it appears, is also known to cause a lot of scalp itching. But, your daily maintenance routine may essentially eliminate the problem, keeping your head free from an annoying itch.

What causes that annoying itching?


What causes that annoying itching? It is the residue from the sweat and oil that collects on your head. The key to eliminating or reducing your scalp itching is cleaning your hair well on a regular basis. You must wash and clean your braids properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging your braids.

Shampooing helps lock in moisture

Shampoo your hair about once a week to keep your braids moisturized. If you wash it more often, your braids may not last as long.  Maintain your braids by shampooing your hair with diluted shampoo and then conditioning it with diluted conditioner. Let water run over your scalp for a few minutes before you apply the shampoo and conditioner. Apply the shampoo, gradually and rub it gently into your braids. Gently rinse it out and then apply natural oil pomade.

style_11-22-15aSM01Create your own astringent for relief

Cornrows and braids can be very practical hairstyles and can provide you with easy-to-wear hairstyle that need little maintenance. However, braids often itch.  The key to stopping the irritation is to use a combination of good hair care and anti-itching products. Your cornrows will be a lot more comfortable.

• Spray a conditioning braid spray or mist with an anti-itch component on your braids every day. This will not only keep the braids, moisturized, in good condition and reduce itching, but will also keep the hair under your braids healthy. These sprays can be purchased at a beauty supply store or you can make our own. To create your own, fill a spray bottle with distilled water, add a few drops of almond oil and lavender oil and shake well.

• Soak a cotton swab with an astringent such as tea tree oil and wipe your scalp. This prevents the buildup and residue that causes itching.

• Wash your braids once every one to two weeks with a diluted shampoo. Pay attention to your scalp, which is where dirt builds up and causes itching.

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