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11 Sep 2015

Black hairstyle options are endless for fall 2015

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September 11, 2015 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

If you are seeking a new hairstyle, the hair trends are endless. The new fall styles for fall 2015 incorporate comfort and style, result in same simply chic looks. The array of styles; include short hair, long hair, natural hair, locs, waves, wigs and weaves.

But, before you select that perfect hairstyle, there are crucial considerations. According to stylist Lynne Miller, you can’t make a decision without contemplating your face shape, lifestyle, finances and personality. “For example, almost every woman can pull off a natural afro, a pixie or a long, wavy wig,” said Miller said, noting that face shape does matter. “If you want to create the illusion that you were born with a perfectly round or oval face there are ways to achieve this.”

The top hair trends for black women are low-maintenance, and perfectly complement your fall wardrobe. Stylist Yvonne Settles believes color is the fastest and easiest way to refresh your look for the cooler months ahead. Settles added that this season’s hottest styles are “unfussy,” yet stylish at the same time. “For fall, there isn’t a single hair cut we will see over and over,” she said.  “Lengths will vary from very short to very long, but the trendiest looks will have blunt bottom layers,” Settles added, commenting that braids are still a major trend for all types of hair.

Perfect Pixie: More popular than ever

Many women are electing to cut their hair into a Pixie. Pixies are more popular than ever and according to Settles, who specializes in color and cutting, they have never been more gorgeous. No matter what your natural hair texture, whether thick, kinky, curly, chemically straightened or wavy, a pixie can be a great choice for you. It’s also a good choice for women who prefer weaves or even wigs.   

Long Hair Remains a popular choice

Long, black hair remains the most popular hairstyle choice for black women. You can wear long hair straight, wavy, or curly with the help of relaxers, curling irons and flat irons. “Whether you opt for a weave, a wig, your natural hair or choose relaxers to get your own hair long, your best bet for long hair in this case is a weave or even a wig,” Miller said.

Natural Hair: Winning over costly alternatives

All stylists believe that anyone tuned into style has likely noticed how popular natural hair has become. “More and more black women are giving up costly salon treatments, pricey weaves and extensions and damaging chemical treatments and opting instead for hair that is natural,” said Holmes, a New York City wigmaker, who receives increasing requests to create wigs with natural textures. 

Chin-length Cut: Comes in bobs and shags

Chin length hairstyles, including bobs and shags, are stylish options for whom who are growing out their hair or want to go short, but not as short as the pixie. Holmes estimated, “With wigs and weaves you can experiment a bit without having to make a permanent commitment to a certain length.”

Shoulder-Length Hairstyles:

The hottest hairstyle length for the fall season is hair that falls to the shoulders. It is the most popular, at the moment, among all ethnic groups and the trend is expected to work well for black women.

Edgy Short Hairstyles: Choice fueled by confidence

No hairstyle will attract more attention than an edgy cut on a confident woman. And the trend towards edgy and exotic means short, funky cuts make the list. “But to pull off a brightly colored hair, or shaved hair or a pompadour, you must have confidence,” in Miller’s view. “You cannot hide behind a short, edgy hairstyle like you can a long, wavy weave.”

Wigs: Currently hottest trend in black hair

Wigs are becoming more and more popular now that really well-made lace wigs are available, Holmes said. The New York City stylist contends that a well-made wig of comprised of authentic human hair typically costs $300 to $1000, but they look 100 percent natural. “Once you are fitted for your wig and the hair is cut to flatter your face shape and the wig’s hair texture, your transformation will take as long as it take to put on your wig” explained Holmes, who has fashioned wigs for a vast clientele for more than 25 years, including a host of entertainers and celebrities.  She believes wigs also allow you to change your look as much as you like. Listing the advantages Holmes noted that attached wigs last up to a month, but those that come with combs are easier to put on and remove; with proper hair care, a wig won’t damage your natural hair, even though they can be hot to wear; if you work out you might be better off with a half-wig or weave, and they also have become a great option for women with hair loss.

Weaves: Flexibility makes them viable option

Weaves are more popular than ever. They come in all lengths and styles and are a great way to change your look without having to cut, color or chemically alter your own hair. Weaves have been very controversial in the black hair community, according to Settles. Women who wear weaves have been accused falsely of seeking to look white, she said. “Despite the controversy, the popularity of weaves remains largely because it’s possible to change your look instantly without damaging your natural hair and also to change your hairstyle to reflect varying lengths and hair textures,” opined the 20-year industry veteran.

Weaves are great for women who don’t like to apply heat or chemicals to their hair and want little fuss. They also protect your natural hair and can look natural if your use a great stylist and invest in quality hair. They are a better bet than wigs if you work out a lot.

The best weaves use authentic, real hair and costs between $600 and $1200. I may take hours to apply a weave, which may last about six weeks and quite a few visits to the salon for maintenance. A poorly trained stylist can cause damage to your hair, resulting in hair loss or a damaged hairline if your cornrows are toot light or the extensions are not sewn or glued on your weave properly.

Relaxed Hair: Demand remains popular

In Miller’s opinion, chemical processes remain a popular way for women to relax kinky/curly hair, straighten wavy hair or just allow more hair flexibility for their hairstyles. If you want to straighten or color your hair, there are many options available.  Miller, however, advises that you brush up on the basics of relaxing and coloring black hair before proceeding.

Formal Updos: Still inspire

Whether you wear a weave, wig or your natural hair, you can wear your hair in formal updos for special occasions that include formal events, weddings and proms.


“Remember your overall look comes from pulling together your cut, color, styling tools and products” said Holmes, who implores all to enjoy experimenting with all of this fall’s beautiful trends.

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