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14 Jun 2017

What should you ask a technician during your consultation?

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Unless you’re considering a technician with a stellar and irrefutable reputation, you should always have a face-to-face consultation wherever possible. The meeting helps ‘vet’ your prospective technician and make sure he or she has the ability to produce the results you are seeking.

Here are some questions, Greg Bazemore owner of GB Hair, a Baltimore-based scalp micropigmentation student, believes, you should consider asking: 

How much experience does a technician have?

Don’t count a technicians experience in years only. It’s important to consider the number of scalp micropigmentation procedures they have completed. Choosing a technician with less experience is fine, as long as they are able to demonstrate an acceptable level of competency.

What type training does a technician have?

You will encounter a range of technicians from the highly experienced to the less experience.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their training. If they were trained to do scalp work at a permanent makeup school, or were trained online, those are red flags. Experts, like Bazemore, recommend choosing a technician with scalp-specific training at a dedicated scalp training school, preferably with verifiable certification. The best and most reputable artists learn essential skills around hygiene and safety, which place them in good stead when training as a scalp technician.

How notable are their results?


Examine the technician’s portfolio. Insist on clear photographs or videos that show the quality of the work. Are the replications of the follicle impressions believable? Are they the right size? Is the area where hair and treatment area meet visible? Do their hairlines look natural and believable? Is there any discoloration?

Do they offer guarantees?

Is your technician willing to put your agreement in writing, and what is their track record of correcting any issues that may arise? Is their operation professional? Do they answer your questions fully and do you feel pressed to render a decision? Are their rates comparable with the market rates?

How long will the procedure take?

Each SMP session typically lasts between two and three hours, and the average client will probably require two or three such sessions to complete the micropigmentation of his scalp. Although the pigments used in SMP might fade over time, touch-up sessions can restore pigments to their original color. However, fading can be minimized by limiting exposure to the sun by wearing a hat or covering the scalp area with a high-SPF sunscreen.

How much does the procedure cost?

The typical cost for scalp micropigmentation ranges from $1,800 to $8,000 for a full-head treatment. According to Scalp Aesthetics its ‘average’ client, with thinning hair on top and perhaps a receding hairline, can expect to pay around $3000. However, prices vary depending on your geographic location and the complexity of the procedure you are seeking. 

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