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31 Mar 2017

African-American women consider new spring hairstyles and color trends

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March 31, 2017 Category: Beauty Posted by:

By Leah Fletcher

After their locks have endured the harsh winter, many African-American women want to update their look with trendy new hairstyles and color during the warmer months of spring.

Many are opting to breathe new life into their tresses by getting their ends trimmed, a new haircut or by trying out a new hair color.

“The spring and the summer season is the ideal time for emerging from that usual winter hair rut and trying something new,” according to Philadelphia hairstylist Tracey Johns, who has worked as a colorist for more than 25 years in the beauty industry.

Changing seasons prompt many of us, in Johns’ opinion, to exit our comfort zone for a style that is “completely out of the box or an update of our current hairstyle.”

For those who want to reinvent themselves, Johns suggests that there are a few hair ideas they can experiment with this during the warmer spring season. “Consider stepping up your hair game with a brand new hair shade,   or a bold colored wig, or a vibrant new bundle of hair, or even make the leap to dye your own tresses,” prods Johns, who offers her clients this advice annually.

While the warmer season is the perfect time to explore new hair style options, Johns encourages everyone to become adventurous and have a little fun in the process. During the exercise, she advises clients to carefully select the ideal hairstyle, which is one that should perfectly suit your face shape, skin color and hair texture.

“Black women have normally fizzy and curly hair which makes it quite difficult for them to shape and stylize their hair perfectly” says Johns, who notes that quite a bit of time and money are spent to stylize the hard thick hair.

Johns advises selecting a hairstyle that you are comfortable with and will elicit compliments when adopted after a careful discussion with your stylist. “Being highly versatile, Black women’s hair can be cut or molded into any style,” added Johns, who reminds women to be conscious of their hairstyle and color, especially, when going for any formal interview or attending an informal social gathering.

“The hairstyle, for example, must be decent when interviewing for a job. Consider buns and ponytails. For less formal social environments that, funky curls, layers and Mohawks work.”

In any event, John says women must pay special attention to their hair care regimen to keep their locks healthy and beautiful.

If you are considering a new color for 2017, grey and blue continue to dominate the color spectrum,   while blondes are adapting with new coloring techniques, opined Johns, who notes that highlights offer a rather simple way to enter the world of color, while ombre and split-dye shades can push you further up on the color spectrum.

“There are numerous hair color combinations for Black women. There are even more exotic hues to help you stand out in a crowd—from green, to blue, rainbow and everything under the sun,” says Johns. 

For Black women, Johns explains that the grey hair movement is still on the rise with many new color variations appearing on the scene. “From mixing the look with other color families, to wearing solo, in ombre form to simply placing a few grey highlights in your hair. The granny hair trend can be utilized in many different forms to make a statement, and most importantly to fit your own personal style”. 

For those who need inspiration when selecting a new spring hairstyle or color, Johns points to social media, like Instagram postings or YouTube instructional channels, with all sorts of instructional hair videos, and professional advice from your stylist or hairstyle magazines.   

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