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6 May 2016

Philadelphia Community of Leaders (PCOL) message to the community

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ABOVE PHOTO:  Sam Staten, Sr.

A Tribute to Our Fallen Comrades in the Struggle of Liberation and Freedom for Black People Sam Staten,Sr., Barbara Daniel-Cox and Bill Miller, IV

Brothers and Sisters,

Our prayers are that the Almighty Creator makes the transition of peaceful and their final resting place is at the highest level of paradise. We pray that He lifts the burden from their families and makes their adjustment less painful.  Our continued prayers and condolences are with the families at this most difficult time.

The city of Philadelphia lost three gentle Giants in less than a week, and they will forever be missed.  We must stop for a moment to acknowledge and pay homage to three great individuals – something we must do more often. Individually and collectively, they made a difference to so many people and collectively they represented what Servant Leadership is all about.

Barbara Daniel-Cox

Barbara Daniel-Cox

I passionately speak on behalf of the hundreds of Black leaders who are a part of Philadelphia Community of Leaders (PCOL) and the thousands of Philadelphians that were touched by their work, lives and purpose. Now they are a part of the ancestors: Sam Staten, Sr., Barbara Daniel-Cox, and Bill Miller IV – we love you and will miss you dearly.

Each had personal and professional lives, but more importantly they had an unparalleled commitment to the Black community. These pillars of the community fought tirelessly for the struggle of liberation and freedom for Black people.  Not only did they give of their resources to the cause, but they also gave their time and carried the burdens of leadership, not by talking about what leadership is, but “modeling” this leadership.

Bill Miller, IV

Bill Miller, IV

I’m personally a better man, father and servant to our people for knowing them. I hope you stand with PCOL as we figure out the best and most appropriate way to honor their life, legacy and commitment along with countless other past and present Black Heroes and Sheroes.  This will be an ongoing effort to shine a light on their human excellence and use this positive energy to help institutionalize self-esteem and Black pride within our community.    

Our three giants will be greatly missed, thusly, our commitment at PCOL will be to ensure that our descendants and the community at large never forget them. We will not just remember them for who they were, but also honor their legacies by implementing strategies and actions that continue to advance the struggle of the Black community for which they gave their lives.

Sam, Barbara and Bill, all of Philadelphia pay tribute to you today and forever more.  We thank you and offer our deepest and sincerest gratitude for the many sacrifices you made to better our community. 


“To neglect one’s ancestors would bring ill-fortune and failure in life”…………..African Proverb

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