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Food And Beverage

Start a Successful School Year with a Balanced Breakfast

September 8, 2017

ABOVE PHOTO:  Protein-Packed Eggs in a Nest How a breakfast with milk can help lead the way to academic success Family Features As kids get ready to start a new school year, moms are also getting back into the swing of a morning routine. One thing that can’t be missed? A complete breakfast! Research shows…

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Simply Savory Meals

September 1, 2017

ABOVE PHOTO:  Baked Fish Family Features Farm-fresh is what many families desire. Straight from the farm to your table is one of the best ways you can ensure you’re delivering a nutritious and delicious meal for family or friends. Wholesome meals can bring everyone together around the dinner table; even little ones can enjoy flaky,…

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Rooting for potatoes: The spud makes a comeback

August 24, 2017

NewsUSA Forget low-carb diets and Atkins; those sweet, succulent spuds are once again finding their place among meat and vegetables at the dinner table. To celebrate its return to center stage, Kita Roberta of Girl Carnivore is recognizing the health benefits of a plant-based diet, while still including your favorite proteins. To that end, Girl…

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Rum aficionados are in for a treat with relaunch, new label

August 24, 2017

NewsUSA Rum aficionados, rejoice. A classic brand has re-entered the spotlight with a new look. St. Lucia Distillers has re-launched the Chairman’s Reserve rum in the United States. New packaging designed to highlight the brand’s distinguished history and reputation for quality blends in the English rum style is part of the relaunch. “Chairman’s Reserve has…

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Make-ahead breakfasts for busy school days

August 18, 2017

ABOVE PHOTO:  Morning Oasis Overnight Oats   Family Features When the school year rolls around, switching from pool to school means finding simpler ways to kick off the day with healthy and nutritious options. Preparing feel-good breakfasts can be as easy as picking and putting together the right ingredients, if you know where to buy…

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Spice Up School Days

August 12, 2017

ABOVE PHOTO:  Slow Cooked “Pulled” Chicken Tacos Family Features Busy school days demand meals that can match the pace of life. A Mexican-themed meal is a sure way to keep things festive and lively around the family dinner table. Not only does a meal centered on Mexican-style foods let you spice up your menu, it…

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Make breakfast time anytime

August 4, 2017

ABOVE PHOTO:  Hearty Breakfast Bowl   Family Features Give your meals a wake-up call because breakfast is no longer just for mornings. From weeknight family dinners to a quick lunch, you can make mealtime fun with breakfast recipes any time of day. Delicious, wholesome ingredients are the centerpiece of breakfast dishes, and hand-crafted Smithfield bacon,…

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Greens and Grains

July 29, 2017

Add fresh produce to your diet and community   Family Features Dedicating more of your plate to fresh-from-the-garden produce, as well as rice and grains, can lead to a healthier lifestyle, according to Cheryl Forberg, registered dietitian and award-winning chef and nutritionist for “The Biggest Loser.” “Most of my adult clients who are not veggie…

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Add a Tex-Mex favorite to Your Menu

July 21, 2017

Family Features A tortilla plus a tasty filling makes a household favorite – a taco. This simple, casual, versatile, fun food knows no boundaries. Tacos can be right for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks and dessert, depending on the filling. For tacos with a unique, delicious twist on tradition, try these Chicken Soft Tacos…

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Good Eats with Grapes

July 14, 2017

ABOVE PHOTO:  Zahtar Shrimp and Grape Kabobs Make a heart-healthy menu with flavorful fruit Family Features Heart-healthy foods can play a role in healthy aging. Whether you enjoy them by the handful as a refreshing snack or use them to add color, crunch and a touch of sweetness to a meal, grapes are a heart-healthy…

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Food And Beverage

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