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3 Jun 2016

Part II: The beauty of it all, after talk with Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder Miko Branch on mental health & self care, Monica goes to their NYC salon

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ABOVE PHOTO:  Before and after treatment pictures.

By Monica Peters

Public Relations professional and SUN Social Media Editor Monica Peters puts Miss Jessie’s products to the test. Can her kinky curls be revived?

Miss Jessie’s is wildly popular for their natural hair care products.   

After Part I of our in-depth conversation about the importance of self-care, mental health and co-founder Titi’s battle with depression, Miss Jessie’s co-founder, Miko Branch, offered to do my hair.

So, of course, I took her up on the offer.


The SoHo based salon is absolutely gorgeous, spacious and regal—truly a relaxing environment.  Although it’s a salon, it has a spa feel.  It’s a good place to come for a primp and pamper day.  Be sure to make an appointment ahead of time.

Let’s get to the business:

First it must be said that I do not have a perm or weave in my hair. It is 100% natural.  Miko worked with my hair from scratch.

When I came to the salon, my hair looked like this.  Miko quickly assessed that my natural kinky curly hair had some damage from thermal heating resulting in my hair having two textures.  My curl pattern was weakened from my hair’s mid-section to its ends.

Miko combing hairThen, Miko and her staff got to work. From start to finish, they used these four products: Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, Super Sweetback Treatment, Leave In Condish and Transitioner’s  Magic.


Miko washing Monica’s hair

Under the bowl I go. 

Miko and staff washed my hair with their Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, an extra moisturizing detangling shampoo.  The shampoo was followed up with the Super Sweetback Treatment and then I was sat under the dryer for 10-15 minutes.  The Sweetback treatment is used for growing out naturally, tight and kinky curly  hair types; and hair that is in transition from relaxed to natural.

After rinsing out the Sweetback Treatment, Miko applied Miss Jessie’s  Leave in Condish, a conditioner that locks in an extra layer of moisture before styling. 

Miko then finished off my hair with their Transitioner’s Magic. This product is for individuals who still have two textures of hair and are not ready for “the big chop.” A person may want to go from relaxed to natural hair; or in my case, natural hair that has been over processed from excessive heat from blow drying. The product works as a styler and leave in conditioner.

After the wash

After the wash

My hair is still wet here, but you can clearly see the difference the conditioners have made to my hair.



Miss Jessie’s stylist then put a blow dry diffuser to my hair and the finish product is amazing.

On this Saturday afternoon, patrons with appointments are now getting their hair done. 

Loretta Rucker from Brooklyn, who has natural hair, found Miss Jessie’s salon about a decade ago.

“I come to this salon because Miko and her sister pioneered this way for African American women, women of color to understand and work with their hair texture and create styles that fit the texture of their hair.”

Hair finished side view

Hair finished side view

Being a long time customer of  Miss Jessie’s and witnessing the brand’s evolution, she is a fan of their book ‘Miss Jessie’s Creating a Successful Business from Scratch Naturally’

“I love the book, we know that it has been a successful valuable service.   What the book showed is the humanity of the sisters [Miko and Titi] and how they arrived at this.”

John Castro-Tie from Long Island brings his adopted daughter Sarah to the salon.  She is biracial and he couldn’t find any products to work for her hair.

Miss Jessie’s products and hair salon was the perfect fit.

“There was no place to get her hair done and we tried every product. We found Miss Jessie’s product works the best. We found out there’ was a salon so we’ve been coming here now for a couple of years.”

*Monica Peters is a public relations professional, editor and Founder of Genius in Collaboration PR™.


 See Part 1: Miko shares story of her sister Titi’s battle with depression and coping with her passing

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