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18 May 2017

At the dream wedding it’s usually all about the dress: Remember the bride’s hairstyle should be just as stunning

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By Leah Fletcher

It’s wedding season. And, when that special day arrives and you are ready to say “I do” to the one you love, you want to look beautiful. After all, your wedding day is one of the most significant and unforgettable days of your life.

The spring and summer months are great for weddings in the Delaware Valley. With sunny skies, moderately warm temperatures and slightly mild breezes, it’s a perfect time to get married–especially outdoors. The occasion’s importance requires organization, time, focus and vision to pull off the dream wedding.

Somewhere in the details, a great amount of thought is given to the future bride’s appearance. Sure the dress is the standout, the big moment, but take pains to ensure that her entire look is just as stunning, especially her hair.

Following are some considerations to keep in mind when planning a wedding hairstyle.

Significance of Hairstyle—Reflection of Style

A woman’s hairstyle choice on her wedding day is significant because it is a reflection of her personal style and the style of the wedding, according to hairstylist Fran Johnson, who believes wearing the hair up and off the neck might signify the formal elegance, traditional style and grace of the bride, her gown and the wedding. For a Black woman who chooses a culturally specific theme, her hairstyle may reflect and echo the traditions of her ancestors, according to Johnson. “Because Black women come from many parts of the world, the possibilities of using hairstyles to signify culture and traditions are endless,” she said.

Types of Hairstyle are Countless


In today’s hair design market, hairstyle choices abound, in Effie Greene’s opinion. The award winning hairstylist noted that hairstyle types may be dictated by the length of the hair, which may be worn down and around the face, or down and off the face behind the ears. It also may be worn with the front pulled off the face and styled with the back down, or styled with all of it off the face and neck. “And because Black brides have hair of all types, lengths, textures, colors and thickness, they can select a variety of hair styles for their wedding day,” said Greene, noting that hair accessories may also impact hairstyle choice.

The Goal—Looking Your Best

“Your goal, for your special day, is simple—I want to look my very best,” explained Elise Roberts, a fashion designer of 20 years, with a portfolio of wedding dresses that range from traditional to trendy. More importantly, Roberts noted that brides should “look like their best self, not someone else.”

Roberts noted that if your personal style is reserved and subtle, then choosing a hairstyle that is trendy and extreme may not be the best choice. “When your fiancé and wedding guests see you walking down the aisle, they may be astonished by your look. If you select a hairstyle that is not becoming to you, in the future, you may look back at your wedding pictures and video with regret instead of fond memories.”

It’s okay to consider a hairstyle that you haven’t worn before your wedding day to make it special, in Roberts’s opinion. “If your hair is shoulder length but you would like to wear long cascading curls, then consider hair extensions. Just make sure the spirit of the hairstyle is compatible with yours.”

Timeline for Choosing Hairstyle

Giving yourself enough time to select a hairstyle is imperative in Greene’s opinion.  “At least a month before your wedding, have your stylist try a trial run with your hairstyle of choice,” said the 10-year veteran stylist, who believes “waiting until the last minute will not provide enough time to reconsider your hairstyle.” Greene, an experienced colorist, advised those seeking or requiring chemical services to review the timeline for those services with their stylist. “If you want a relaxer and permanent hair color for your wedding hairstyle, you may need to have them done during separate visits,” said Greene. She also noted that experience has taught her scheduling those services days before the wedding might be impossible.

Time of Day and Location Matter

The time of day and location of your wedding should be considered when choosing a hairstyle.  For example, destination weddings in the Caribbean are becoming more popular, according to Johnson. “Getting married in a humid, wet environment tends to frizz your hair, so, consider a hairstyle that can accommodate the weather,” said Johnson. She also advised that brides communicate with their hairstylist about products that will help fight the humidity to ensure their hairstyle looks great all day.

Moreover, communicating with your bridal attendants is also important. “Due to the energy-charged atmosphere of the occasion, don’t assume they will think of this ahead of time,” said Johnson.

However, any bride can turn heads with her wedding day tresses hairstyle whether she opts for a vintage hairstyle or one that is contemporary and trendy. “The one thing any bride must remember is that the chosen hairstyle must be one that is suited to her,” said Johnson.

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